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  1. sn00pac

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Guardians of the Galaxy 11 out of 5
  2. sn00pac


    Potato Chip and Ketchup Sandwich. Best idea? Or Best Idea Ever? I like feedback. Especially if its me; he always thinks I am the greatest.
  3. sn00pac

    What is Your Personal Theme Song?

    You're the Best Around by Joe Espsito. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oomCIXGzsR0
  4. sn00pac

    Possible Subtitles?

    Zelda Morrowind Waker?
  5. sn00pac

    Did You Build the Computer That You Are Currently On?

    No, but I wish I did. The graphics card that came with it sucks.
  6. sn00pac

    Youtube Might Buy Twitch

    What are your thoughts on the matter? :(:drama:
  7. sn00pac

    What is Your Programming Language of Choice?

    For the internetz it's Python, but for games it's C++. What aboot you? :(:drama:
  8. sn00pac

    General Zelda Most Nostalgic Game (aside OOT)

    Twilight Princess, I couldn't figure out the game, so I did the EMS glitch.
  9. sn00pac

    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    Definitely the Gibdo dad in Ikana Canyon. I cried. I NEVER CRY!
  10. sn00pac

    Have Any Names in Mind in Case We Are Allowed to Change It?

    IcecreamfonduTeddybear3000RevelutionundergroundNumberaftersixtyeight hmmm 22 Or Snitchzel
  11. sn00pac

    All My Autistic ZDers Say "Holla!"

    Holla! Bread
  12. sn00pac

    Who is Your Mortal Enemy on ZD?

    Me #SODEAP
  13. sn00pac

    What Uncommonly Known Bands Do You Like?

    For example, I have always been a fan of Skindred and Pretenders. I am trying to spice up my Spotify, so anything is accepted.
  14. sn00pac

    Where'd the Graveyard Kid Go?

    Its simple, the boy is a ghost; just like his parents. Think about it, you never see him leave the graveyard. Why is this? Simple, the boy died whilst searching for Dampe; whom he could never find because it would be his bedtime when Dampe appeared. His ghost's search would end when Dampe came...
  15. sn00pac

    What Makes a Hero?

    Someone is a hero because they are courageous for 5 minutes longer than everybody else.
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