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silent lion
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  • How can you love snow? ;_;
    It's cold and yucky, and makes me want to scream everytime I shovel the driveway and the plow comes by.
    Yeah, but my back pain has already gone away, so there ya go. :)
    Its all good. How are you, though?
    Yes, I do. I have it uploaded to my computer, and I will be sure to fix it once I get back home (I'm at Tom's for the weekend).
    Oh it has? lol. How so?

    lol. darn that school work. ;)

    Wellll....my family has this stupid flue going through the house....but we got our flue shots last year so its not so bad. My back decided to go out on me AGAIN on top of that....>_>, but besides from trying to stay in good health I'm doing good. I guess. Kinda...lol

    :) The link is http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x159/LadyDryad/SilentLionSignature.jpg. Put the brackets around it if you like it, and you are ready to go.
    Meanie! =(
    And yes, I am old, and yes, I'm still kicking - though this snow is bringing my spirits down a lot.
    online translators are BAD. and what felicitatie means......that will always be a secret..... :xd:
    well, dank je ook jij gefeliciteerd means thanks, congrats to you too :p. oni said it because i congratulated (i just know it's spelled wrong -.-) him too.

    Anyways....Bedankt voor je felicitatie, ik zou jou ook graag feliciteren, maar helaas is je verjaardag al geweest en ben je nog steeds paars. dus gefeliciteerd met....je....je negentiende paarse verjaardag....dat klinkt echt fout...>.<

    and btw...lenora that's a cool sig
    Hey dude, thanks for adding me to your friends list ^^

    (mumble, mumble,.....bout time......) lol
    Those are both through photobucket, I'm still trying to find a photo sharing site that doesn't reduce image quality. If you know of any, I'd appreciate it.
    On second thought, the image quality with those signatures are terrible. I'm assuming it is photobucket, it has a tendency to reduce quality with my signatures... I will try using another source and see if they remain the same quality.


    There, I fixed the signature. You can choose either one of those, and I can give you the links to use them. ^^
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