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silent lion
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  • sheesz, your brothers poems aren't as good as yours :P.

    Have you started with your study yet? I'm already overstressed because of my study D:. I'm almost a full-time student (of the studying kind not the party kind ;))

    Greetings from Nijmegen (haha, you said nidgemegen or something like that :xd:)
    Great that everything went fine. Too bad I couldn't see your wall flip with special landing :P.

    Turkey was great. The weather was awesome (35 degrees) and since we were in an All-inclusive hotel I could eat/drink everything I wanted for free ^^. I also went to some excursions and I saw a living sea turtle in the wild. It was grazing on the bottom and I was floating above it. Then it went for some air and it was just 1 metre in front of me, I scared it though and it swam away. I also saw a land turtle on the hotel grounds, it sat on the road were all the busses with tourist drive, so I lifted it up and brought it too safety. When I aproached it, it went in his shell, but when I lifted it up it realised something wasn't right and he started walking in the air :xd:

    Other than that, I just was my lazy self. I got ZD homesick after 1 day, but I managed to avoid the internet cafe at the hotel....the torment of walking past those computers everyday....

    oh and I shall delete your deleted message below this one. I can't stand those soft deleted messages (you can't help it though, you don't have the moderator powers ;))
    :O the Silent Lion is online!!

    How were your last Dutch days? I heard the weather wasn't very good. Was your dad angry btw? I still feel guilty about that >.>

    Oh and my mom calls you Carwinneke now :xd:
    Hello there mate. How's it hanging?
    Oh, you now owe me a Lemonade. =)
    Haha, I love damn good times in life. Good to hear things are going well. Life's been alright, I've slowed down over the years.
    I remember you (: From various sites lol. You were always the philosophical/logical member. How have you been?
    Hey; yeah, I liked the whole idea of a forum concerning 'social philosophy' and the like, so I figured it'd be an interesting forum to join.

    I'm alright, yourself?
    I know I'm not the only user in these boards with "this" avatar, but hopefully it'll ring a bell for you. =P

    How have you been doing?
    Here is your signature, if you'd like a different font or background - let me know. I hope you like it.

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