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  • Haha, I know what you mean. Spring break will be great. I almost like short breaks like that better than long holiday and summer vacations, because you appreciate them more when you know they'll be ending soon.
    It's funny, I was just thinking to myself how it was kind of sad that the old crowd was gone. Then I looked around a little bit, and noticed I wasn't the only one left. I'm definitely glad to see you're still hanging around here.
    Oh, not too bad. Getting going with college and all of that fun stuff. Having a lot of fun with the new Fire Emblem, when I get around to playing it. Yourself?
    Well, Claire, I did it…but then I found out that I can’t even use the Wi-Fi I have at my house with the game because HeartGold and SoulSilver are only compatible with WEP and my access point is WPA -,-

    *Facewalls* Guess it just figures something like this would happen...sorry.

    Well, if you ever get Black/White or Black 2/White 2 tell me, I'm not just gonna give this Shiny Arcanine away or release it...if it has to sit around for a bit that's fine, I'll just give it to you when possible >,>
    All I gotta do is beat the Elite Four and then after getting the National Dex get looking...this is gonna happen, I'm already at Victory Road o,o

    Happy Valentine's Day to you as well though, hope you and your guy have a nice day ^^
    Well, Claire, if I still have my copy of HG somewhere I can likely use it to make you an Arcanine--as Growlithe can be caught in the wild in said game. It’s still possible and my stubbornness makes me wanna help you get a Shiny Arcanine if I can x3
    Ha,ha! It kind of hard to resist is it?:lol: Well I hope you get better. You don't have the flu virus that's going around do you?
    You're welcome, and I take it you must be feeling better now then, rezzical. My own New Years was great, thanks. Yep, stayed up until 4 AM on here chatting with my online wife, it was fun ^^

    By the way, your avatar is rather cute x3
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