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silent lion
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  • Quite welcome. I finished the majority of your banner/signature, whatever you prefer to call it. Although, with what I've done I'm not happy with the fonts I have - so I've been downloading a few to see which will look best. But never fear, I'm still working on it. ^^
    My dog ate ur present, anyway, happy birthday!!! :D
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Gefeliciteerd Stille leeuw :D. And this time you get a cake that I bought in the US (go Ebay). But sadly the cake was one week too late and I think something went wrong during the shipment, because I got this when I checked the mail today.

    That's fine. It is a simple one, I thought I'd just keep it simple until you gave me further details. ^^
    Hey there.
    I had a signature from ALttP for you, since you didn't exactly tell me what you wanted!

    Message me sometime when your on and I'll send a link to you.
    SL, where are you? Get ur bum over for a visit - lots to share, lots of poop to clean, cha cha cha... I'm off til Saturday.
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