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  1. PrinceofDarkness

    OoT Best Game ever?

    don't upgrade the sword or get any of the mails. hunh? I love TP but to be honest OOT is a better game.
  2. PrinceofDarkness

    Origins of the Master Sword...and DARK LINK!

    Yeah I didn't get that either in WW. It's like they just decided to include those sages back into the cannon after OOT. It wouldn't surprise me if they released OOT again with those two sages in there somehow.
  3. PrinceofDarkness

    OoT Best Game ever?

    no, OOT is good and has the best dungeon/area ever (spirit temple/gerudo valley) but the difficulty is too low and I have to take off marks for the water temple, that one was incredibly boring and went on forever. The boss while innovative was bland. The Ganon fight at the end was also too...
  4. PrinceofDarkness

    Minish Cap help, couple Qs

    Doesn't Tingle give you something if you fuse them all though? I think he gives you a bigger wallet or something if I remember right.
  5. PrinceofDarkness

    Your Video Game Wish List

    got my copy of guitar hero aerosmith reserved, be pickin it up June 29. :D
  6. PrinceofDarkness

    Forlong's Timeline Theory

    Yeah I agree, it was just broken so easy in MC it wouldn't really make sense if it came after.
  7. PrinceofDarkness

    The Imprisoning War Scandal

    They aren't overwriting them, and for one they aren't mistakes the series has to be somewhat fluid for the games to fit together in the first place, there has to be a little wiggleroom. Nintendo retconned that part of Alttp and made the seven sages come from all over hyrule instead of just one...
  8. PrinceofDarkness

    Pokemon Series

    Yeah I did too, with me it was ninja turtles, everybody was into it back in the 80's/early 90's. I had everything from the shirts and videogames to all the playsets and figures. I even owned turtles III on video at one time. (though I'll never own it again, man what a waste of good film).
  9. PrinceofDarkness

    Forlong's Timeline Theory

    It is? I mean it looks similar but there are major differences, for one the path to death mountain wasn't that big and you could approach it from the left or right in the first one not just the right, there was no entrance to northwest hyrule in LOZ, and a lake's missing. The gravyard also is...
  10. PrinceofDarkness

    Merged Timeline Theory

    That's very true I hadn't thought of that, it'd be cool to be swiftblade too.
  11. PrinceofDarkness

    Ocarina of Time 64-Bit Dungeon Comparison

    I don't know I think it'd be fun to start out with that one. Maybe I've just played too many zelda games but even when I played OOT for the first time I passed the kid dungeons really quickly and couldn't wait to get big. If they started with it though they'd probably have to remove the wall...
  12. PrinceofDarkness

    Help with building the 3rd house in Minish Cap

    Really it doesn't exist? aww man I had no idea, but you can give faror a house if you talk to her instead of the other 2 right? cuz her essence is the best one, I might just start a new game and do that. Gamewinners needs to be informed cuz there's alot of bad info about getting the 3rd house on...
  13. PrinceofDarkness

    Merged Timeline Theory

    I agree, I'd love to play as Gustaf and seal away the evil with the original four sword that would be awesome.
  14. PrinceofDarkness

    Forlong's Timeline Theory

    I don't see how that'd work though putting Loz hyrule in the southwest, it looks totally diff. (especially death mountain) I like the comics map better personally. I didn't know the comics map existed I'm totally framing it and putting it on my wall.
  15. PrinceofDarkness

    Timeline Theories?

    Something that just came to me regarding this, I started playing MC again and looked at those figures and it appears that holodrum and labrynna might just be there homelands and they are coming to hyrule to live for the first time in MC. Hence why they went back there in the oracle games, they...
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