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Pop 360
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  • Sorry for the delay on your signature request. I should have it ready for use sometime tomorrow and I mean it this time.
    Hey, Pop, happy birthday! Hope you get 360 presents to open! Or a whole b-day cake that's only worth 360 calories to eat.... You get the point... :)
    I know the name but I didn't see it. I haven't watched any anime for the past few moths, I didn't have enough time to watch it online. Have you ever seen Bobobo bo bo bobo? Its the most idiotic, random anime I've ever watched.
    Hey Pop 360! Thats cool! I have read all of the zelda anime books! (Ocarina of time, Majora's Mask, A link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, Four Swords, and finnally Phantom Hourglass)! They were great! Well... Thanks!
    Hey Pop 360! I was wondering if you would want to be friends! I even heard you were Meego7's friend! Me and Meego are friends and I was wondering if you wanted to add me! Well then.................. uhh well later! Add me if yah can.
    Who said so? Nine-tailed Fox? by his name and his avatar you can see he's a Bleach and Naruto fan.
    Yes, you should watch them, they are two of the best shonens you can find. Also, my profile picture is from Bleach if you noticed. ;)
    Thanks! Not only did I talk to a girl, but it was the girl I REALLY like. It helped me get over my issues with being nervous around her. I don't think it changed how she feels about me, sadly...
    Well, my favorites is Bleach (my profile pic is a character from there), I also like Naruto and One Pice and a few more. Oh and Digimon, its was my favorite TV show when I was younger.
    Do you watch Bleach? And sadly, I didn't get a date... Oh well. I atleast talked to a girl today. Does that count?
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