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  • you're allowed on twitter and not facebook? Makes no freakin sense XDD I cba with twitter, even FB is pretty bad.
    Hey Pop 360! I see that you are excited about OOT 3d! anywase, I was wondering if you would add me on the 3ds.

    If you have wi-fi my friend code is

    4296 3028 9626

    Tnx! cant wait to see you on!
    Ohh... and I deleted the message you gave me so nobody hacks my acc. and looks at my PM's! thanks once again! Later!

    I will add you on my 3ds friend list If you tell me your account!
    Yeah! They are very awesome! I love everything about them! Ohh, and when yah get the time send me a copy of your MII with the 3ds. All yah have to do is go to the Mii channel and click GET MII. After you do that go to SCAN MII FOR QR CODE. post the code you get on my page and I will send yah one too! P.S
    Are you getting OOT 3ds? I am and I can not wait!
    :) :zelda: :ganondorf:
    Thank you! Hey, have you read a book called "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"? It's a great book, you can finish it in half an hour, it's mostly drawings.
    Well I was on this park with friends and I got hit by this motorcycle with springs that little kids ride on. I feel so stupid to explain that :S
    I got some serious inside wounds in my stomach, it's all purple and it hurts really bad especially stand up and tries to walk. I spent 3 days in the hospital which was actually pretty relaxing and now I'm home mostly in my bad.
    But it's not all bad, I started reading again, I already finished 2 books!
    I indeed do! Nice to see some other Hetalia fans around here too. You can probably guess, but my favorite character is Hungary. :)
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