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  • Ahh, I see. Well at least your not in the middle of TWO boys who get into trouble (Yes I'm talking about Ian and the other one is Cody)
    Oh I see ahaha If I had funny people behind me I would listen in but draw at the same time :) (lol I have this guy named Ian next to me and he is SO funny)
    Homreroom is time before your first class and it goes into your first class like a little over an hour (good I bet he needed that)
    Oooooh I love your friends work! well here is mine Its Obito Uchiha :) from Naruto
    Thanks! Being random is my specialty! Hahaha! Ohhhh.. and fav. anime hunh? well.... I LOVE ALL ANIME! WOOOOOOOO!
    Ohh.... my unicorn's name if Feefee...... well... yah.
    I have a flying pig named fluffy. He and Feefee are BEST FWIENDS FOWEVAH!
    Hey, hey. You never log on no more :( Makes Meego sad. I'll make sure I see you in the hols ;)
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