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  • Paramore is utter awesome. I have not listened to miku hatsune much but i might.
    hey its me! how r u! i love your profile pic btw x
    same. i just started listening to an artist named KT Tunstall. Also i've started listening to the clash and the beatles again. you?
    yea i joined the mii club its fun they have contests to c who can make the best mii under a certain subject!
    Hey Iggy! Hows are yah? Nice sayings on the 3ds friend list btw!

    PS you should join my MII club! I figured you would like it! Talk to yah later.
    Wait till you get to ep 11 of Air...if I'm remembering correctly there was one worthwhile scene in particular....well you'll see it anyway when you get to it! ;)

    Ah yeah, I can see how that can be a problem :silent: My suggestion is, stick to a couple at a time. Believe me, I understand the whole overload thing. It's a bad idea to try to follow too many series at once X_X I don't know what I was thinking, but there was a time a few years ago where I was trying to follow around 16 different series on VOD Anime Network on Demand, on top of 5 anime series we were watching in Anime Club, plus around 6-7 more anime series I was trying to follow on my laptop. Yeah, I know that's way past overload. :sweat: What happened though? I ended up having to drop ALL of them because I didn't have the time for so many series and it was way too much to keep up with. I still haven't gone back to finish any of those series either >_<
    Lesson learned: just stick to a couple of series at a time :sweat:
    Right now I'm following 3-4, much easier to follow! ^^ If you can do that number at once, it's manageable to finish them all, so I think you can do it if you break it up like that! :)

    I still have a lot of anime series that I started but never finished though x_X Lucky Star is one of them actually. Though I always found it to be very amusing and cute :3
    Yay, you are a Key fan! :zelda: Yes I'm a huge one myself! ;)

    Air is lovely. Well....a tear-jerking kind of lovely, but you know what I mean. It's pretty short compared to the others (except Angel Beats), but it's well worth it! Let me know what you think when you finish it...I can tell you which scenes made my cry the most ^^
    Ooh, make sure you see Kanon too! It's a bit underrated and not as popular as Clannad, but it's spectacular as well (as expected of Key!) :zelda:
    My favorite's would be... Full metal Alchemist,, Fairytail, Deathnote, maybe more? dunno
    Yeah. That is cool that you think that! I wonder..... Well, later


    I made a MII group in case you wanted to join!
    Hey there! You are an Angel Beats fan right? I watched about half of it last semester but didn't get to finish it D:

    I am probably guessing with this a bit, but have you seen either Air, Kanon, or Clannad by any chance? I ask because Angel Beat's creator Jun Maeda is from the company KEY, Visual Arts, and those are all series by KEY, so I thought maybe you might be a KEY fan? I do happen to be one...

    Emmm.....though if you're not then....whoops! :sweat: Thought I'd ask though! ^^
    Hey POP! You should see my newest background. It is me in MII form. Also just so yah know I made an album of all of my MIIS. I even made a MII of you from going back and forth from the FRIEND CARD and MII MAKER.


    I stuck your MII in the album as well. If any problems with this talk to me on my page! Later!
    Hey again Pop. Did yah hear that the NINTENDO e shop is coming out soon? I will totally be getting the new download. TTYL!
    POP POP POP! GUESS WHAT!!!!! OOT 3ds has master quest and normal mode and there will also be a warp to Master quest! Master quest flips Hyrule! Not only that but in master quest since everything that was on the left side of the screen will be on the right side of the screen but Link turns into a righty in master quest!

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