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  • It's quite good. And she totally gets away with it too:O

    Who was your favorite death and whose was the goriest, in your opinion.

    I read Naked singularity and it was quite funny. I like cringe humor cause I know I can't do anything to stop it but I kinda want to:lol:
    Yeah acid, drills, and blades are no fun.

    Well I don't want to spoil it for you but Sweetie Belle's is pretty bad. Drawn out and excruciating. I don't really want to reveal it to you unless you insist. I don't want to spoil it.

    I started into Naked Singularity. It's like watching one of those painfully obvious romantic comedies (yes I do watch some) where you want to warn the person or help them but you can't.
    Okay.......that's some hardcore Saw action right there. "Hey you can watch your friend die or you can die."

    Yeah there's some more pretty interesting ways too.
    You just need to focus as you go to sleep. Music and scents can help but overall focus and relax.

    Where are you? I just finished and it's definitely one of the goriest I've read.:yes:
    It is fun.....but it takes practice and focus before you go to sleep. Theoretically you can learn via lucid dreaming. Obviously not something completely new but you can learn something based on small amounts of prior knowledge.

    I have lucid dreamed before but it's only been flying (quite fun though), a concert (both playing and being at one with friends), and car chases based on movies. Nothing really special or cool. Kinda lame but at least I have some practice at it.
    Well we had our first conversation on the Lucid dreaming thread if I'm not mistaken. I might be wrong. Also he had a laid back easygoing air about him and was really friendly. And he also liked all kinds of fanfics.
    I've found some that were quite gory but not overly creepy. I have found the gore mildly hard to stomach at some points but that's good. Means there's lots of imagery in the story. Looks like I have another one to read also.

    Also what's your new Avi from? I new a guy on another forum site who used the same picture as his Avi. He also acted a lot like you:lol: Kinda weird huh?
    Yeah Dash did get more arrogant. Too bad cause everyone likes Dashie. But whenever she learns a lesson about friendship it's a lot more....emotional? Not sure how to say it but she gets humbled quite a bit.

    I haven't gotten back to CG actually. I left off in the middle of Silver Spoon's/Diamond Tiara's tortureous deaths. I'm gonns go back now though;)
    Guess I'll be hunting then. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I ran across a website called Topless Robot a few months ago and they have fairly good updates on MLP but mostly just small things. The site focuses on nerd culture in general. Hunting through it I found that they take fan made fapfics and comment on them throughout the story. The effect is quite comedic. I'll link you one later.

    And Fluttershy in "Putting Your Hoof Down" was awesome:D However I feel like season 2 has forced certain characters to the backseat (ie. AJ and Fluttershy). I'm almost done with it so I'll have to see how it turns out.
    Rocket To Insanity was really good. It's too bad all these stories end in the deaths of characters, but then again you aren't reading for a happy ending. As for Rainbow Factory it read more like an tragic action story.

    Reading Cherilee's garden is like watching a Saw movie. Just be ready for tortureous deaths. Imprisoned is just cool.

    I'll be sure to check out Naked Singularity. What websites would you recommend for reading MLP fanfics in general, not just horror?
    Yeah tomorrow night I'm gonna watch shed.mov

    I read more tonight and some were good. I still need to finish Cheerilee's garden. That one is long, twisted, and very gruesome.

    I read Rocket to Insanity. It's obvious that Cupcakes was the inspiration. I read an alternate ending of it that sucked due to a happy ending. A better ending for the alternate would've been the where it involved Rainbow Dash making up to Pinky Pie by baking the cupcakes but my idea would've involved Dash finding that Pinky actually does have a secret torture chamber.

    I read some basic ones including one that told the story from Luna's perspective. It's called Imprisoned and in it Luna tells how Celestia gets rid of those who ask too many questions by sending them through a desert on a hopeless mission and how she intends to get revenge.
    I tend to hunt because the highest rated are good but better ones can show up but not get seen.

    And yeah Cupcakes is pretty good. I took the time to re-read it and liked it. And I read Rainbow Factory. That one wasn't as gory but it was very suspenseful and twisted.;)

    I guess I've got more to read and maybe later on I'll watch shed.mov and Cupcakes.
    Ummm....lots of pokemon ones on DeviantArt. And on creepy pasta wiki. Most of those aren't that creepy but some have that under tone due to irony. Also read Lavender Town Syndrome and Candle, Axe, Rope (it's got something to do with those things in the title). And Acid too. They're classics.

    Also a LoZ creepy pasta classic is BEN (Haunted Majoras Mask). That's really good.
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