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  • It was but I wasn't expecting it. I'm used to reading some fairly bad creepypastas so I when I find a good one it does usually creep me out a bit. This one did it more than I expected.

    Also in The Last Roundup it was pretty funny when they got Pinky Pie to annoy Apple Jack that much:lol:
    Bro....about Cupcakes, it was mostly just shocking cause I didn't think it would be that bad....it was pretty gross and I think the creepiest thing was how Pinky was still innocent.....
    Hey can you resize your siggy? The width is okay but the height is too high. It should be 250 px. If you need help let me know ;)
    Saw a blog comment of yours, "I am disappointed by the lack of A Clockwork Orange on this list".

    Did you read the book as well?
    Actually I've heard of a couple there. princessmolestia and surprise are couple that I recognize.

    And apparently Secret of my Excess has Spike's B-Day and he's a greedy little punk so he scams item off people by saying it's his b-day. But I'm only a few minutes in.
    Eye beams be creeping

    And no. I never have time. Maybe more soon. What are they like? Pictures and fanfics?
    Unfortunately I can't remember the name but or site I found it on......I'll try to hunt it down later. It was black and white, and the style was a mix of Western and Manga art styles. And it was only them. I think they were talking about a robot that replaced Luna while she was Nightmare Moon. It had lasers and rockets.

    Yeah you're probably right. She's just shy but she does appear to be almost socially awkward in some cases. Usually because of the shyness.
    Yeah, Luna makes a far better socially awkward pony than even Fluttershy.

    I found a comic that was pretty funny. It was just a couple of 10 frames featuring Luna and Princess Celestia. They were pretty funny.
    Now....it's so difficult now.....I finally got kinda connected with them in certain ways.

    I'd say Twilight is up there now. I'm always stressed about work so I can understand.
    Pinkie Pie is still great cause of here randomness and some of here humor.
    Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, AJ, and Rarity are all tied now. I like them all.:sweat:
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