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  • It's about two detectives (Freeman and Pitt) who are trying to track down a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who murders based on the seven deadly sins. It's quite a mind game and it kept me guessing throughout. And each death (this may sound slightly morbid or macabre) was intriguing. Sick, warped, and twisted, but intriguing nonetheless. I'd recommend finding it and watching it. If you like thrillers with twists in them then it's definitely up your alley;)
    Interesting. I think I'll follow the more story-oriented ones, but they all seem neat at this point. :yes:
    K Thanks. Up until now I was clueless to the expansiveness of YTP...

    It's almost as though it's a genre all its own. :/
    o_O Whoa, that's a lot of poop. Thanks. :yes:

    lol I'll be sure to look into it...er them. [noparse]:)[/noparse]
    Sounds like it's right up my alley. I love psychological thrillers.

    By the way have you seen the movie Se7en with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey?
    So you're an anime hipster eh?;) Well Bleach is good throughout but long filler periods do take up a bit of it. I like it all the same.

    Future Diary is both a manga and anime, however the anime is Japanese with english subtitles. If you don't mind that then check it out. It's really convoluted at points and it's really good. I know you can watch it on hulu.

    And I mentioned it before but if you're interested in Future Diary you should check out Psyren. I think they just started an anime for it and I've been keeping tabs on the manga. Basically it's got time travel between present day Japan and a post-apocalyptic Japan. And people get psychic powers.
    Bleach is good but there is a fair bit of filler.

    Future Diary's basic plot premise is that 12 people of varying age kept diaries based on certain things in their lives. So Deus Ex Machina, the god of all space and time decides to host a game where they use their diaries and have to kill each other. The last one standing wins and becomes the next god of all space and time. Now when I say use their diaries I mean it like this: Deus Ex Machina watched how these 12 kept a diary and then granted them the ability to see into the future with it. However they can only see the future based on what they kept their diary on. (ex. if you kept your diary on up dates to the general gaming section here on ZD, you would only see the future of what would happen in that section) The story is really slow to start but picks up quickly. It mixes action, horror (some), suspense, and some romance but overall it's a good mix and is well written. There's even two short spinoffs made by the author. They follow a certain set of events, one is a what if this character died, and one is the origins and what you didn't see for a couple characters when the story wasn't focused on them.
    I feel ya. I know how that is. I gotta deal with ADD and my parents know that I can if I focus. Plus it's not extreme so I don't take meds for it. Not that I'd want to.

    I really don't watch much anime. I don't know why really. I tend to stick with manga cause of the originality. I've seen too many shows ruin a manga or at least just make it so that the show isn't as good. But as far as manga that is anime I read Air Gear, Bleach, Black Cat, Soul Eater, Psyren. A while back I finished a series called Future Diary witch was insane. It had the best plot twists at the end. I did watch some of the anime for that one and it stays pretty canon. And of course I've read the fan favorite, Death Note. It's actually a lot like Future Diary in some respects.

    Though I do watch Sould Eater some along with Ga-Rei: Zero and Darker Than Black.
    It's actually not so good. I need to get to sleep earlier. I've spent the last few weeks regularly going to bed at 12 or 1 AM. Not good when I'm constantly stressing over school and stuff. This summer is gonna be relaxing though.

    And you gotta have your own free time quite often right?
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