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  • Lol so is holland, if that thats the reason then i can understand.

    But respect the Queen? Don't hate me if i say this but i don't respect her nor disrepect her. The reason is, that i believe that she or Prince Charles had something to do with the death of Princess Diana. Altough there is no hard evidence since it happened in a tunnel, its hard to believe it was an accident. I really liked Princess Diana.

    But yeah, but the children of Princess Diana isn't making things easy for the Queen and their father.
    Yo mercy, got a question for ya.
    Why is that British people is so proud of their queen? Or am i making a stereotypical judgement?
    Hello there, Ms. Lush. How are we today?
    Still just as Lushy as usual? I know I am! :P
    I haven't spoken with you in a while, and I hhope that changes soon!
    Go without swearing? Lame. =/

    And no I did not.

    (This part is filling up random space so I can hit enter)
    Yeah, I'm not a fan of that either. You can spam with 2 or 1000 characters. =/
    Yeah, I was registered a year ago, but my account was deleted. =/
    I use a capture card for the older systems. For the Nintendo Wii, I have this thing called an XCM V-BOX. Google search it and you'll be able to find it.
    That's weird...I could swear....n/m :P I guess my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Well I guess that's what you get when you spend the whole day online XD

    Merry Christmas to you too. :)
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