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    I think they're just intimidated by a sexy, strong, independent black woman like yourself who...

    I think they're just intimidated by a sexy, strong, independent black woman like yourself who don't need no man.
  2. Mercedes

    Steam Summer Sale 2015

  3. Mercedes

    Which Beatle?

    Okay, so, prefacing this by saying I love all of them! But it would be between John and Paul for a favourite. I love Paul's ballads and slower songs, and his new music has been great recently too, but I think John's music is better overall and I thought he was the funniest Beatle as well. Old...
  4. Mercedes

    Your pain level

    It's hard to say for me, really. I like to think it would be quite high, all the times I've hurt myself or been ill I've never had much issue with it, I don't ever take paracetamol or any kind of pain-killers and I think contributed to this, but at the same time I've never really been hurt...
  5. Mercedes

    How hot or cold can you manage to consume food and drinks?

    Cold drinks, no problem. I much prefer that, most of the time, always like some ice in my drink and never had any issue. Hot, big problem! There's a lot of waiting and a lot of blowing before I put any of that in my mouth. I've sat there for 20 minutes blowing on a cup of hot chocolate before...
  6. Mercedes

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    There was a wall with a sign saying "Do Not Touch" today. Being the loose cannon that I am who doesn't play by the rules and looking for my daily adrenaline fix, the junkie that I am, I touched it, and nothing happened. Why did some higher being wish for me not to touch that wall?
  7. Mercedes

    Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93

    So sad. :( Telegraph
  8. Mercedes

    Zelda Games Need Guilt

    I suppose in some ways, I agree. It would make the story a lot more powerful than everything always being okay. I think every game story I've really enjoyed has had those sort of strong moments which show you what you, through your character, have wrought upon people. If anyone's ever played the...
  9. Mercedes

    Soul Calibur 6 at E3?

    What a hilarious reason for a game's development to be halted. :) At least they've got their priorities right!
  10. Mercedes

    More Labyrinth-Like Dungeons

    I'd be down! :) Seems like a good way to help move the game forward, rather than at the stand-still I've feel it's been on.
  11. Mercedes

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Coldplay. Don't give a ****.
  12. Mercedes

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Friend's birthday tomorrow, off out for a nice meal. For a while now I've been cutting off drinking so much, and has been going well, but we agreed that the odd party is my 'cheat day', so to speak. Wine will flow.
  13. Mercedes

    Halo 5

    Buck! Buck no, don't hurt the Chief Buck. :( I wonder if any of the other guys from ODST will turn up, it'd be pretty cool. Loved that game. Everything sounding good anyway, and I never expected free map packs so that's a welcome surprise. They've also said there'll never be a Halo without a...
  14. Mercedes

    If you could be a part of any Youtube channel...

    Rooster Teeth! Looks like one of the most fun places to work, and they've got lots of different stuff going on to get stuck into.
  15. Mercedes

    What Style Do You Use?

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