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    hey thanks for the add, like your pic, that cat is adorable..
    OMG!!! ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! AHHHHHH I'm sure that he'll be the next Ameriocan Idol!!!
    i havent been on in a looooong time. I dont know why i havent been visiting. maybe got a little bored.
    XD that's very funny! when I'm 16 I might work at BestBuy and then with the employer discount I can buy all the games that I want!!! and I luv little kids too. But I love babies better with their big cheeks -squeal- :D
    :cries: I wish I could do all those sports but I have no money! D: I'm practicing sports too like Basketball, Skatebording, Soccer, Football, and Bolleyball and I suck at all of them :D
    Yeah I know but there's a bunch of totally random messages from the middle of nowhere, Anyways HI EponaOwns know I haven't talked to you in a LOOOOOOONG while!!! so yeah how r u???!!! :)
    Ah yes, my avatar is indeed awesome ^^ thanks for the compliment.
    Well... I'm workin now. Really workin, I go up 5 AM and work at a supermarket til 3 pm, then rush to an electronics store and work there til 7 pm, almost every day. >.< It was a mistake really, I was only supposed to have the latter work, but I apparently screwed up and have to work alot now. Oh well, I get a crapload of money anyways :D

    Oh, and I just noticed, we have almost the same birthday man! I'm only one day older than you :P what a coincidence.
    I wanted to name it Neo or snoopy but my sister and my mom disagreed, My dad liked Neo and snoopy too.I just agreed wiht my siter with Rex beacause I needed her to stop bugging me so I could play MM.
    Dude heck yeah. Saftey dance is awesome. And Jefferson Airplane is an old hippie band back in the sixties. White Rabbit and Somebody to Love was their biggest hits.
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