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  • You're welcome. I don't like seeing stuff like that happen, and I jump in as soon as possible. I'm glad I was able to help.
    FFX iis my favourite:)

    Yuna is so cutie, specially when she's wearing the wedding clothes

    sent you a friend request
    Haha. Yeah, I'd lie if I said I didn't find video games intriguing as hell. Although I'm slightly more interested in doing "American anime." (Think Avatar: The Last Airbender.) I do have to say that voice acting sounds fun... maybe if I do make anime I'll voice act some of my own characters. That would rock. :xd:

    Heh, here's hoping, eh? I'm actually usually pretty optimistic about it. I figure I can pull it off somehow if I keep trying hard enough. ^^

    Anyway, graphic design and web design... sounds interesting. Nothing says you can't pursue more than one career, even if they aren't related... ^^
    Well, I hope things go well for you. ^^ I never meant to say that college is a completely bad thing, just that I don't like it... at all. :xd:

    Sorta various. Book author is one. I suppose the one name you could apply to everything I want to do is "writer." I would like to write books, television shows, graphic novels, etc., all at some time in my life. I also have a huge interest in game design.

    If I can make a popular book series and get rich off it, the rest will be pretty easy... but that's not too likely to happen... :sweat:

    I know, I'm screwed. :xd:
    All good games. ^^

    Uhh... not really. The career I'm interested in does not require college (in fact, very few do,) and I have a personal disdain for college. I have no interest in going there... :sweat:
    Once again, quite a lot... some of my favorites are the Zelda, Mega Man, and Metroid series. I also like the Kingdom Hearts, Smash Bros., and Halo series. Other than those series, I love Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Final Fantasy Tactics.

    How about you? What are some of your favorite games?
    Quite a lot, actually. Generally anything reasonably well done, with fantasy or science fiction elements.

    The anime I'm watching right now are Bleach, Gurren Lagann, and xxxHolic. My favorite anime are Fullmetal Alchemist, Sc-RY-ed, Noein: To Your Other Self, Samurai 7, Naruto, Bleach, and Scrapped Princess.

    How about you?
    Well, I wasn't really "looking forward" to it or anything, but I thought the idea of an actual Zelda movie was pretty cool.
    Yeah, Braska's Final Aeon (Jecht's Final Form) is pretty much the last challenge of the game.

    Versus? Probably not, but if I really REALLY enjoy the plot and characters of XIII, chances are I will.
    Heh, you had trouble with the final boss? You're not alone. I had to use the dark aeon to beat him.

    Yeah, I keep a close eye on everything related to XIII, so I've seen all of the trailers so far. I'm not a "hardcore graphics fan", but the graphics have always been a category that FF shines in, so I would like to see them at their best.
    I'm a huge fan of X! My favorite FF by far. XIII does look really good though. I'm hoping to have PS3 by the time it comes out. (Which is a long time away....)
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