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  • Really? Heheh! :D Well, the mini-game called Bug Haven can be played there if you talk to Strich who should be on the island (he's Groose's tall mate). :)
    I just checked up the name, the island is apparently called Bug Rock. If I'm not mistaken it is the second largest island in Thunderhead, after the Isle of Songs. Here's what is looks like.

    Okay, most islands in Thunderhead are very high up, and the Bug Island (or whatever it's called) is located on the left side pretty far in I believe. You could think it's at 10 or 11 o clock when you enter from the larger part of the Sky. It's hard to describe. :D Perhaps left of the Isle of Songs is a better description.

    I tend to love the 3D Mario games for stationary systems, which are Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I've also tried many different 2D side scroller Mario games, but it's occurred to me that I'm not at all god at side scrollers, and because of that I don't like the 2D Mario games that much. Anyway, SMG2 is by far my favourite Mario game, I think it's as good as any Zelda game and I've beaten the game 100% three times.

    And good luck proceeding in the dungeon! ;)
    I agree that those two places are great to grind rupees from in WW. And about the slide puzzle in Sky Keep, well, you know there are eight rooms with doors in different directions that you have to match. Some of the rooms (almost all of them I think, but I'm not entirely sure) have a control panel in it which is used to move the rooms around to that you can get further into the dungeon by reaching new rooms. So yes, I guess you could say there are several puzzles in there, or just one huge puzzle.

    I presume you've just been searching in the main portion of the Sky. Try looking around a bit inside of Thunderhead. ;)

    Yeah cool, I like his WW LP too. He really has done a LOT of LPs. Very much Zelda and Mario, which I like. His Super Mario Galaxy 2 LP was also spectacular. By the way, have you played SMG2?
    Ah, so it's not a specific room then, I see. Did you ever try the slide puzzles in the the house on the oasis in The Wind Waker? I enjoyed doing those, and I got a lot of money from beating them. Luckily you can move all pieces of it unlike the one in Sky Keep, where you cannot move the room you are currently in. This makes the ones in WW a little easier. But they have more parts to get into place and there's always only one right way to do it. This makes them quite a bit harder. ≈)
    What, really?! Hahah! :lol: I had no idea that could happen! I had most problems with the Silent Realms in Lanayru and Eldin, I think I failed once each on those two. After I had done the third trail I thought I had done all of them, then when there turned out to be another one i Skyloft I was super thrilled. Well I'm guessing your still in Sky Keep, which room are you stuck in? I will of course not spoil anything unless you want me to give some advice. :fi:
    By the Goddess-thingy I presume you mean Sky Keep? Well it is certainly a very unique dungeon in its design, and challenging indeed. :stalfos: Anyway, I loved the Silent Realms. I think the developers managed really well to make the player feel a bit stressed by the circumstances of the area so that the player always is on his or her guard. I would actually like to have seen even more of them (perhaps some optional ones though). :)
    I agree, the boss fight was epic. I also loved the mini-boss fight a lot, the battle against that robot/pirate Scervo. That was where I got my first game over in my first play through.

    About that Zelda meme, is it gonna be 40 different Zelda creatures in one picture? :? Nevertheless, it sounds really cool. Have you thought of a Skyloftian name for your Skyloftian? You know their names are most of the time similar to bird names. Also, I love the Ritos as well (as you may know). :D I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Hm, that's not good (being depressed). I wish I could help you out in some way, but I don't know what I would do. You'll just have to hang in there and make the best of things. ;) When I'm feeling down I sometimes listen to this song on YouTube by NintendoCapriSun. I remember showing you a part of one of his Let'sPlays not too long ago. Anyway, he also makes music sometimes, and this particular piece is very beautiful and very encouraging.

    So, you started playing again. Grand! What did you think of the Sandship? :fi:

    I've been doing well, not too going on. I've been listening to a bunch of different soundtracks from good films and games. I see you've got a new avatar, profile picture and signature, they look good. Did you make them yourself?

    How have you been doing? :?
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