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  • Ah, well if something is ever troubling you and you wanna talk about it feel free to shoot me a PM, I would be more than happy to listen ^^

    That's my thing after all, I'm "the go to guy when stuff is bugging you and you wanna talk about it" around ZD, heheh :3
    I really like that you get two different options of how to complete some of the side quests in Skyward Sword. I'd like future games to hold on to that.

    So tell me, how was your birthday? :?
    Awww, why were you crying, try to be happy...whether you say the reason for it is stupid or not, crying is crying.

    Heheh, well that's awesome I guess, at least you had a good enough time.

    Depressing, does you needs sunshine?

    As for me, my life has been good enough, just job searching and chatting with people here and there.
    No problems, I hope you had a good one ^^

    Overall how have you been though, we haven't chatted in awhile.
    Happy birthday to you Kappa! :triforce: I hope your day is grand!

    :lol: I loved that side quest! Though my first time through I did actually give the letter to Karane (which resulted in a positive outcome). My next time through I gave it to the hand, and it was a much funnier way to get the Gratitude Crystal. :D
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