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  • No worries. ;)

    Oh, alright thanks. In the future, it would probably be preferable if you emailed them (don't forget to sign your name/username), but this is fine for this time. ;)
    Im good and all but something really bad happened this morning, my mom made toast for my little bro and the bread got stuck in the toaster, then there was a lot of smoke in the house, i was in bed and my father ran into my room and yelled at me to leave my room because of the smoke. everyone in my house are ok but the house stink like hell!!!!
    how are you?
    It does look really awesome. ^^ Actually, I don't think it's possible Mother Brain is the villain. The opening movie is basically the end of Super Metroid where she is defeated. Since Other M takes place a very short time after Super Metroid, it's probably impossible she's the villain.

    Glad you liked it! Yeah, I suppose. Although the way it did all of those things was pretty mild IMO. I definitely don't think it comes anywhere close to needing a T rating, and the E10+ rating didn't exist back then.
    Wow thats awesome! i still have 48 days left, 39 with out vacations and Saturdays D:
    yea, im counting the days to E3, the new Zelda Wii will be a great one! I feel it in my bones!
    actually its going to be my first time waiting for the E3, i didn't know anything about it till the last one and even than i didn't really cared cause i had my TP. so i really don't know how its gonna be.
    Hey Jlemon! i was wandering... are you still learning in school or are you an adult?
    I've got some Ubers that are half-decently trained and some Pokemon that tend to work well in Ubers, I should be able to put something together but don't have too high expectations.
    Most say Stone Edge because of the specific Pokemon it hits, for example Zapdos, Salamence and opposing Gyarados. However the shaky accuracy and poor PP have always made me prefer using EQ. Waterfall I also find is better for Water STAB, a bit less power but completely reliable accuracy.
    Cool. Let me know what you think of it when you do get it. :)

    Agreed. Brawl was great overall, but the Subspace Emissary was just flippin' incredible. Blew me away. :) There's also games like the recent Contra ones, and others, who do 2.5D, and I love it when they do. Always looks awesome while giving us the classic gameplay. :D
    Ah, cool. Yeah, some people assume 2D is a "worse" form of video game, but generally that's not true. My favorite kind of genre is 2D platformers like Super Metroid. I'm sad these days that people rarely ever at least do 2.5D, where they have 3D graphics but 2D gameplay. :(

    Um... to be honest, I'm not too familiar with those beams. :xd: I think Spazer just increases your power. Like a lot of beams, it changes the way your shots look. Each of them has a modification effect on the appearance of your beam, and if you have them all active you'll see all those qualities at once. Spazer's is the three-shot appearance, but I don't think that does anything other than make it a little wider. Spazer's real advantage is the additional power, allowing you to hurt stronger enemies. :)

    You know you can turn your power-ups off, right?
    It may be worth breeding another one to get a better nature. Often even using attacking moves has no use. Encore is a very useful option, and so is Knock Off.
    That can work, but mainly in doubles, possibly with Trick Room, otherwise it's quite hard to pull off. The main issue is that you are ridiculously slow and your defense becomes nothing when you use Power Trick.
    Ahhh, okay. I getcha. Yeah, agreed. Another game with some lightly Silent Hill-esque monsters is Kingdom Hearts II, because one or two of the Nobodies are really freaky. :sweat:

    Good plan. Super Metroid is still, to this day, my favorite Metroid game. It tops even Metroid Prime if you ask me. :)
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