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  • Sorry to rain on your parade buddy.
    I have implanted a mine in your brain. *presses button that is hardwired to said mine*
    You have failed at killing me. Your knife that you used is rather thick, mushy, yellow, and contains lots of potassium. Maybe that's why.
    Welcome back! glad you had fun.
    Oh that is sad, you came back today and im leaving tomorrow.
    See you in nine days my friend ;)
    Why the "D:"? It sure is fun to be on but camping sounds fun too, aren't you happy to go?
    Don't think that I don't want you here, don't rush to assume things :O.
    A sailing competition!! Ehh I did fine, somewhere in the middle, 4th place I think, we could've take one of the first places but two guys in my crew felt bad and one of them puked! I still think that they could've try to do their easy part although the vomit, all they had to do is to pull a rope! and they didn't even do that. well I should let it go...
    How are'ya? my summer vacation starts on monday, on sunday we get to school just for the grades.
    No i'm not :dry:... summer vacation starts on next sunday, not two more days sunday the one that is on next week, but we barely learn right now. lots of cancels, I didn't go to school today cuz my mum said that two hours of learning dodn't worth much and there's no reason for me to go. Yey!
    I got a competition tomorrow! wish me luck!
    Hey Jlemon. I got 17 more days 'till summer vacation. have you finished every thing yet?
    hmm... i just checked for more info about the show, apparently its based on an old russian kids story.
    Well it sure takes you a lot of time to answer. Yes it was on the russian channel, it was a really old cartoon, it seems from the 80's or something. i saw two episode that day, i think its a two episodes show, the plot really was the same in both episodes, except for the end. the end was so randomly weird.
    How are you jlemon?
    it did but the the smell stayed for the day. now every thing is fine. the funny part is that because i walked up two hours before i had to so i had nothing to do, there's nothing on TV at 6 am so the only thing that was on was an old russian cartoon, about a weird young horse that has a hump that is a friend with a boy and an evil minister that tries to kill the boy. it was weird.
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