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  • Welcome back. Despite some heated moments in the MD, I want you to know I never bore any ill will. ;)
    It must have been ZD that you posted on numerous times. I only recall that picture of you(?) playing the guitar, as well as your previous name.
    Forgive me if I spell the name wrong, but didn't you, as jdnicholls, have an Intense Debate account at one time and comment on Zelda Universe somewhat frequently?
    Yes, I believe we're either the fourth or fifth largest country in the world (in terms of population). But I still hope you enjoy playing the United States - we're not as dim-witted as one might believe.
    Wow. Looks like you're having a taste of success, eh? If you ever do decide to visit the United States, I'll be there (not really). :P
    First marking period grades just arrived. I would estimate a good weight GPA, maybe 4.1 or 4.2. I'm also doing okay in tennis. And I wish you the best of luck with your band. I assume you're aiming high? Or is it sort of a side-gig?
    I know how that goes. I'm constantly going through hot and cold patches when it comes to working out.
    That's right, you play in a band. That was you in your avatar I presume. And the gym? I just use a little home gym we bought last Christmas. Results are starting to show a little, but that's probably just because I'm not dedicated to working out.
    I'm good. Do you have Skype? I'm asking because I have a few big ZeldaDungeon.net chats I could add you to.
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