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  • I could not disagree with you more on most issues (even down to music--before the forum wipe I had a long response to your opinion about Iron Maiden!), but I always enjoy reading your posts and your points are always well-defended. I hope we continue to see you in the MD especially!
    ;) its ok, his post was boarder line off topic so attacking his points wasn't really necessary... However if you wanted to, you could take that post and create an entirely different thread to talk about it. I mean there has to be some discussion factor... Also some good advice, attack the post not the person. I don't think anyone reported the post, but generally posts like that which are meant to stir up anger/drama/ cause a reaction, are considered inflamatory and will be infracted. Infractions are no fun so just avoid it in the future.

    I'm Jo by the way, and welcome to ZD. Dont let the ganon sig/avy fool you, I'm rather nice :P
    Oh, hey thanks man! ^^ I'm glad you enjoy the Curiosity Shop, and thanks for the compliment. And yeah, of course people won't agree with me all the time, but I'm glad my theories provide entertainment nonetheless. :)
    Yeah 12 tabs is too many to keep track of, but when I'm trying to track stuff down on the internet I often find it gets that way. I'm searching for stuff on ROM Hacking incidentally, I don't suppose you'd know anything about it?

    TP for me was quite disappointing. I don't know if I overhyped it but to me it seemed like a remake of OoT. A friend pointed out that items tended to be used in one dungeon and then forgot about for the rest of the game, which seems a fair criticism. I just didn't feel the love with that game.

    I don't know what I'd wish for. The ability to get out of bed at a decent hour would be a nice start though!
    Literally 12 tabs open to much man.

    OoT, MM, TP. Stone Mask: Iloving using it to get back at Takkuri. World Peace(No war peace)

    It's a triforce wish there aren't any limit
    Your Fav LoZ game(s)?, Fav MM mask?, and your Triforce wish?

    Have fun on ZD and don't be afraid to express your opinion it might present new facts, give more insight to the entire Thread, or change people's ideas about the Thread.
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