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J Oh
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  • Oh. :xd: I guess Caleb and I have somewhat similar voices, yeah. Oh, glad to hear it! ^^ I actually have been starting up a new show on my personal YouTube channel, if you're interested.

    Oh, and I love your avatar. It's cute. ^^
    Sorry to hear that : /

    Don't worry, I had some pretty bad art teachers in high school too, and that's the main reason why I want to teach high school instead of college. I know the kids might be harder to handle, but I don't feel that there's enough art teachers in public school that really care about what they're doing. My high school art teacher basically just let everyone do whatever they wanted to without really teaching anything and gave everyone a passing grade.
    I don't plan on letting that happen. When it comes to art I believe you learn by doing. ;)
    I'm not sure if there is a general roleplaying group, but I know there are several role-playing games in "forum games" and also groups based on them. Ember Incubus and SheikahWarrior started a couple, so you may want to check with them. :)
    Oh? Not enjoying your current job I take it?

    I'm an art major. I really enjoy drawing and I've been an art mentor for a while, so I want to be a teacher. :)
    Actually I haven't watched any of it past episode 50-something.... I plan on finishing it some day though :P

    And that pic was actually from a VGcats comic where the guy was expressing his dislike for InuYasha. I just thought it was a really funny picture :lol:
    Hiya J =D
    It's been okay. Just winding down after a tough day of college stuff ;p
    How've you been?
    she may not wanna talk about it cuz she feels like you are going to try and "fix" her. and really that's not the situation you want to be in. You just wanna be the caring big brother. its a hard line. I was in this position for my little brother (being his older sis).

    And I also did it countless times with one of my now ex-best friends... who I didn't have the best tact with. Being that crying shoulder aint always easy...
    cool, and yeah potty training is a ton of work. I got a 5 year old rescue dog... I've finally resorted to letting her use the puppy pad when I'm not home, but sometimes she still misses that. I just wish that when I was home she'd go outside... We live in an apartment so getting time to go outside isnt always easy... cuz I have to take her out on leash.
    Church then Laundry and Homework...

    I replied to your thread btw. That's a tough environment to be in.
    yeah I figured.... theres no other reason to separate the two letters. Anyways I'm good. And yourself?
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