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    I've been watching the anime and reading the manga. I'm actually really excited about the series right now, but I don't want to give anything away because I'm not sure if you've gone through the manga or not. The last episode of the anime was incredible, IMO, but it looks like they'll be starting a filler arc next episode.
    I'm pretty sure that there are role-playing threads in the Forum Games section, but I'm not sure if it's the type you're looking for. I don't know too much about them, to be honest. :sweat:
    Ah, yes! Well, I have what I'm putting on the sig doodled on some paper. I'm in the process of scanning/redrawing them on the computer. I have to head off for school soon so I most likely will get that done later today. I should have the thing done over the weekend, as I'll actually have time on the computer!:lol:
    No prob. I'm in the same boat and I created the group. XD We vote each month knowing that some people may not be able to play the majority vote, but that they may be able to the next month.
    Thanks, and welcome to you too! I hope to see you around the forums.
    Exactly! And you can jump in at any time but have no obligation to finish it or even play the game that month if you don't want to. We're very laid-back that way. :) Glad to have you!
    Don't worry about it. I didn't formally warn you or anything because I didn't think it was significant enough, just in the future keep in mind that kind of comment can be interpreted as a personal attack. The point of the MD is to make reasonable points and keep emotions out of it, but that can be hard to do. I'm sure you'll remember. :3

    You've made good posts as well. Good to have you in the MD! And yeah, I think we do agree on cigarettes at least...I'm actually a prude on a lot of issues, but I don't think the government needs to be involved in making the world resemble my personal utopia.

    Thanks for clarifying things. n_n
    Well..I they're nice, I don't think they care if you're new, though I wouldn't know, I had been registered for a month before I actually became active on the forums and asked for a sig to be made.
    I made my own first though.
    I don't remember any colors, and Also If you want a sig you can make a request on a graphics thread
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