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Hylian Knight
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  • Wow, pretty extensive collection of Zelda games. So, you have OoS then? Aw I'm so jealous! I really want to play the oracle games... maybe Nintendo will re-release them on the eShop?
    I see, I've got a few good photographers on google+ but the content they've posted that I was interested in wasn't really their photography work.
    a mario galaxy good memories realy a must play for wii owners realy liked it but i want challenging bosses it was realy fun to play hope you have the same :)
    oh well good luck with that, I don't think so no, and if we do it doesn't interest me that much.
    Nice! Although I am in the last temple, I still haven't beaten the game (thanks to exuberant amounts of school work and just being very busy)! Yeah, I get what you're saying when you mean "memorize the game". That's how it is whenever I play Wind Waker... I unintentionally memorized it after playing through it so many times. To me, its a little bothersome since it takes some of the adventure out of the game, but like you said, for Hero's Mode, then it seems like a good thing to do! That said, have you begun another SS playthough? Just out of curiousity, which Zelda games do you have?
    I would say start with Director's Cut as well.....the last Boss can be rather annoying though, but it’s a fun game to start within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise :bleh:
    The one your friend was talking about was Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut….and it’s a good game for sure :yes: Then there's Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but that’s a rare game to come by nowadays :sweat: Also, as far as good Sonic games for the Wii go…..Sonic Colors all the way :nod:
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