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  1. Hylian Knight

    Zelda Riddles

    Wow it's been awhile since I've looked at this Thread Maybe Kamaro as he was trying to find someone to his dance to but Anju fits much better.
  2. Hylian Knight

    Longest Gaming Session

    The longest is 6 hours. My whole gaming time on a certain day was probably 10-12.
  3. Hylian Knight

    Spoiler Favorite Glitch in a Zelda Game

    I love the walk through objects glitch, bottle, and gold skulltella glitch in OoT I don't know if all these glitches you can do in the GC or 3DS versions. Skip the Ordon Sword and Shield Glitch in TP I used this one a 3 heart run.
  4. Hylian Knight

    Thoughts on Old Games

    Older games will always in my opinion top newer games in replay value just because of how fun although there are some games that Nintendo has yet to put on the VC I have a small list that I really want to see and I'm, not going to post it. Jusy VM me if you're really that curious about the list.
  5. Hylian Knight

    What Do You Think About a Legend of Zelda Game with 2 Playable Characters?

    I think Nintendo tried to make a LoZ shooter and that was Link's Crossbow Training which in my opinion wasn't a very good game but still relatively fun. Who says it's going to on the Wii U it could be released on the Wii having a Co-op LoZ would make so more than 1 person could play thus having...
  6. Hylian Knight

    Lake Hylia Skyloft Crater?

    As mentioned above Lake Hylia is found in Lanayru Province in TP but it would be more likely that it could be the Lake Hylia in OoT though.
  7. Hylian Knight

    What Do You Think About a Legend of Zelda Game with 2 Playable Characters?

    It would be a new twist for Nintendo to put on a LoZ game and 1 that I've always wanted to see, so what if their is a screen split just the thought of having a co-op LoZ game shows that Nintendo is trying to make their more familt oriented.
  8. Hylian Knight

    Do You Replay Zelda Games?

    I always replay my LoZ games at least once. OoT especially I've become a living walkthrough for that game.
  9. Hylian Knight

    Any Martial Artists Here at ZD?

    I took Karate for awhile but I don't remember what style it's a long story why I stopped. When I get a job of my own I plan on Aikido or American Kenpo. I also plan on learning some weapons like the Sai and Tonfa.
  10. Hylian Knight

    Spoiler Was Anyone Else Disappointed With The Demise Battle?

    I found it to be much easier than the last ghiriam battle I actually used 3 whole bottles of Heart Potion++ and only a half bottle against Demise.
  11. Hylian Knight

    Favourite Zelda Quote

    Kaepora Gaebora(MM) "By no means should you grow impatient. Impatience brings uneasiness and that distracts the heart." I may have the exact wording wrong but that general idea Hero's Shade(TP) "A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage." again I may exact wording wrong.
  12. Hylian Knight

    Polygamy- Your Opinion

    I personally don't like it and is something I would never do. If the three feel that they can all love each other equally and not show favoritism over the other man or woman I would have no problem if I actually saw this kind of relationship.
  13. Hylian Knight

    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    It was Nov. 1999 when OoT came out so I would have been 6 the Redeads really scared me I actually had a nightmare about them that night but can you blame me I was 6.
  14. Hylian Knight

    Star Fox for the Wii U Made by Retro Studios.

    I can say is yes please I was beginning to think Nintendo had forgotten about one of my most Fav game series. Apart from that I'd really like to see another F-Zero game as it's one the few racing game series I actually like. Sorry people I just saw the title and felt the need to post now...
  15. Hylian Knight

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    C.S. Lewis for his Chronicles of Narnia Series.
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