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Hylian Knight
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  • From what you told me it sounds very boring. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you explaining it to me ;) There are many games I think: WT?????
    Hahaha I think I have an idea how it looks like but can you send me a link to a youtube game? Because somehow I'm curious :P It does sound a bit boring as well the game I mean
    Thanks, I created it myself. yes you may explain if you like because I'm really a n00b when it comes to games (besides Zelda and Mario)
    No, I haven't. I plan one doing it one day, though. I also have all items except for additional bottles and the Great Fairy Sword. Needless to say, I didn't get all the stray fairies.
    well a leather ball is bowled (bowling is a bit like pitching in baseball but there is no throwing action, basical thrown with a straight not bent arm) ot a batter with a bat most times made out of english willow. the bowlers objective is to try and confuse the batter and make him miss or edege the ball using swing( like cuvre and skrew balls in baseball.
    well my fav LoZ games are tp and Oot, my fav MM mask is the zora mask and my triforce wish is that next time around australia would win the ashes
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