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  • Well, I'm trying XD. Now that I've actually finished Skyward Sword, I'm much more eager to hang around the forums and chat.
    Don't understand why you don't have your birthday showing here but I saw on Skype. ;)

    Literally everyone seems to have their birthday in April! :lol:

    Happy Birthday! :triforce:
    My secret to writing long posts quickly is that I cheat. You see, I have at my disposal a room full of a thousand monkeys chained to a thousand type writers. All I have to do is flick off the monkey poo, and hit 'post'.

    In reality, unless I'm legitimately taking my time, I write pretty much exactly how I speak. It's not always as concisely phrased as it could be, but it flows out naturally and quickly as I type. It's a mixed bag.

    As far as sticking around the forums, I'm kinda like the wind: Sometimes I'm blowing through, sometimes I'm oddly absent, and sometimes I smell like farts.

    I seem to be all about the poop jokes today. I wonder what that's about.

    P.S. I may defend western governments sometimes, as though they're the bullied weird kid on the playground; but I promise you I'm not exactly their friend either.
    DBZ is more action then anything else, so int hat regard I do think Dragon Ball as a whole is better. At the very least worth checking out.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the story! It was fun to write, I'm not exactly sure what inspired me haha. Glad it had a positive effect :P
    Haha, well if you ever try again to get into DBZ I would recommend watching Dragon Ball first. It's faster paced and more humorous then DBZ. It's also a good introduction to a lot of the main characters and lead in to DBZ. I agree sometimes DBZ is really slow paced. The action can be good when they actually get around to it. They for some reason decided to draw out the battles as long as humanly possible and it's been the butt of many a joke.

    I like the show, though I haven't watched it in a while. May not be the greatest show on the planet but I think it's pretty good and fun for what it is.
    Yes it is, his name is Krillin. Although the particular screen grab I got my avatar from was from a parody of DBZ on Dorkly.
    No problem at all. I'm open to new rock band suggestions. :)

    Tierra Santa - Awesome. Reminds me a DragonForce, a band noted for their Power Metal. I also heard some Crush 40 bass in there.
    Theocracy - I love the atmosphere behind this one and the moral of the song. Definitely a band I'll have to check out more.
    Kamelot - This is my absolute favorite so far. Their vibe is so epic, and it's the sort of style that I'm into.
    Savatage - The singer has the vocal capability of Crush 40's singer, something which drew me in right away. :yes:
    Candlemass - Slow metal that was pulled off vigorously. This list just got better as I went along.

    So, I'm guessing most of this was Progressive Rock/Metal? I've seen a thread you dedicated to it before. Indeed, this was good, energetic rock, and if Progressive widely involves that vibe, then I'm going to look more into it. Apparently I've overlooked the older style of metal for a long time, but it's just as invigorating as modern rock. Speaking of which, I'd like to share a few of my preferences and, if you don't mind/have the time, see if you have an opinion on them.

    Skillet - Dead Inside (Lyics) - YouTube
    Shadow the hedgehog "I am all of me" music request - YouTube
    Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars With Lyrics - YouTube
    Flyleaf - Arise [Lyrics] - YouTube

    Have at it! =D
    Ah. No sir, I didn't mean that Metal is only tied in with Screamo styles; rather, I don't enjoy Screamo so much because the vocals are almost incomprehensible. But the Metal itself is worth listening to, though I prefer not to have that accompanied by full-throated bellows in my ear. I'm for songs individually such as Skillet's Savior which with John Cooper's high tone sounds like yelling, but I also enjoy some screamo, such as August Burns Red - "Meddler" - YouTube.
    Yea, it sounds like we are completley polar opposites when it comes to academics. Even though I want to pursue history as a major, and eventually teach it at a secondary education/university level, math and science have always come easy to me. Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus (Algebra is ok, but I don't enjoy it as much as Calculus) seem to be my best friends at school. And as you probably could have guessed, English is the biggest thorn in my side, particularly writing. My comprehension skills are good, but I'm a lost puppy when it comes to expressing my thoughts and ideas in a organized, neat manner on paper. I can tell you all about the literary techniques Eadgar Allen Poe uses in his stories, but I'll never be able to write it out for you in a essay. I envy you and your grammar/writing skills, and I admire your broad vocabulary and your ability to express your thoughts in a clean and organized fashion. I definitley learn a lot from reading your well thought out post, and eagerly await for the next one to show up in a thread.

    And sadly, my friend and I never finished Majora's Mask that weekend (we simply didn't have enough time). I'm currently playing through Skyward Sword again, and then I'll hopefully be able to return to Majora's Mask and finish it. It turns out, though, that my outlook on that game won't change. I'm simply not having any fun playing through it.
    Lol, thanks. I don't really care which era the music is from. Just as long as it sounds great.

    Hey, haven't we talked music before?
    I saw good sir. On my behalf as well as that of the entire Zelda Dungeon Community Forum or Dungeon Gaming Network now I guess, I thank you for your thoroughness and commitment to this site. I appreciate it. You really know how to hammer the nail sometimes. ;)
    It used to be my fav but there are so many songs I like. Trooper is good, King of Twilight, Aces high, Flight of Icarus, Fear in the dark. Amazing band in general ;)
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