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  • I found it genuinely surprising that you had kind words for Johnson and Paul. Most people don't seem to take them seriously.

    Props to you, sir.
    I don't agree with you on much, but I must agree that Breaking Bad is really, really good.
    Yea i'm open to all theories. (: You should check out a theory I put up. It supports a single timeline. You might not agree but i think you'll enjoy it. (:
    Hey Simon. I liked your theory about the second split with Spirit Tracks! XP I actually think it's a fun idea to play off of.
    ------------WW - PH - ST -------- OoX
    SS - OoT---------------------------------MC - LoZ - AoL
    ------------MM - TP - Alttp - LA - OoX

    FS/FSA not canon IMO.
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