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  • You've probably seen it but I must have butthurt many people[mods in particular].

    I refuse to reply to you because we just won't be seeing eye to eye, not ever in fact. Your stance and my own are too diametrically opposed.
    :lol: Thanks Clearly. That's the reaction I wanted with that post ;)

    Don't feel bad, I'm not nearly cool enough to say that either. lol
    Hey Clearly, just wanted to pop in and give my greetings. I enjoy reading your posts in the MD thread, your easily one of the best writers/debaters on this forum. I hope you stick around and keep to your excellently constructed posts!
    Hello Clearly. I just wanted to say, you're doing a phenomenal job in the "Christians, Exlpain how the Bible is True" thread. You're a great writer.
    I see. I recognized some of that statement in my posts, but after going back over them it just didn't seem to fit. It was probably mentioned in the debate between miskitten, Matt, and Simon. Again, just curious who that was directed toward.
    Someone here has also repeatedly insisted that we 'think about how those who might have been aborted' feel about potentially not having lived, as though that should matter. My parents seriously considered aborting me as it was really poor timing for a baby in their lives. They didn't obviously, and sitting here now I'm pleased they didn't; but I'm also not threatened by their past contemplation. I mean if they had aborted me, I couldn't begrudge them for my lack of life, for I wouldn't have known any differently. Nor would have any of my friends, or enemies, or any of you. I had no entitlement to the life they were debating over ending before it started either. I was just a blob of squisheyness that wouldn't even have made a very good paper weight. Now as a 'person', I may be a bit different, as I have some capacity to think abstractly, and directly affect the lives of those around me (mostly for the better); but to be honest, I still think the human 'grand claim' to life is a bit shakey. It reeks of obnoxious entitlement. Even with our nifty but limited capacity for reason, we're still not terribly far removed from the animals we slaughter.
    This was, obviously, taken from your reply to the abortion thread. Just wondering if I'm the person who repeatedly insisted that.
    Seems legit.

    By the way, from the looks of it we're both pretty immovable on our stances, so it could also take me a while to make a comeback. I don't usually keep to debates because they tend to be circular.
    How do you make such long posts so quickly?

    I haven't forgotten about your reply to my post, but I haven't had a chance to respond to it in depth. I will say that my libertarian take on government presents an obstacle in replying; I think it could easily derail the thread. I'm consistently consulting it to make my points, and I doubt you remotely share that view. Heck, most people don't.

    You seem to be well-read on the subject of philosophy; you probably know that when people's arguments share few or no premises, debates sort of become analogous to water swirling down the drain. I'm wondering if we have any common ground.

    When tax day has come and gone and my ire for government is a notch lower, I'll reply. Hope you stick around the MD.
    Nice quote. The one about being an idiot. I saw it on someone's siggy and completley agree.
    I can already tell you're quite the funny-man by your username and this.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here at ZD.
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