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  • I always thougtht hat was funny, bow a TWELVE year old was an engineer serving the princess of all the land.
    ...he was a kid.
    P.S. those dots were for the stupid character limit.
    First, let me say one thing. I agree Medli is anoying, I like her development as a character. I don't know why I ha- I mean dislike Linebeck, I just do- okay? Phew! Now that that's out of the way, I must say spirit tracks. I liked the music tons better, I thought the spirit tower was better than the temple of the ocean king, thought it had better characters, and a better plot. Hey, that's just my opinion. I do agree that Spirit Tracks had some cons, such as how linear the train was, though the boat was pretty linear too. Spirit tracks had fewer dungeons, but they were more complicated an more in-depth. I also think it also had better bosses, but that's just me. Have you played Majora's Mask yet? I haven't but am thinking about buying it soon.
    "Line-beck" with a long "i" (pronounced like "line") or "Lin-beck" with a short "i." That's how you can mispronounce it. Thanks for making me feel stupid. (JK) I should have said something, but I looked up linebeck's and byrne's themes and knew them, but just couldn't think of them. Anyways..... Linebeck. Really? Just because he's you favorite character doesn't mean I can't make him my least favorite! I really just can't stand him. My favorite would have to be... uh... well... maybe Medli, tetra or phantom zelda? (treat others the way you want to be treated) I know, but I can't decide! I did like te way Byrne was developed though. Linebeck though... rrrrrrrrrrr...............
    download zelda on your computer? Is that legal? Anyways, I'm pretty good with computers myself, and could probably figure it out. Do you use a website then just plug in a controller? Sorry for being stupid, but I can't remember Byrne's or linebeck's themes. I haven't played those games in a while except to listen to Malludus' song. I just realized this, but if you use headphones, the game has some awesome right-left (pan) affects. Linebeck. Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of him. Firat of all, I have no idea how to pronounce his name! Second, he wasn't developed too well, and what was developed of him made me not too fond of him. Speaking of that, who was your favorite character in all of zelda?
    Wind waker: First and Favorite. Fav. Scene? Definetely the end scene with the king of Hyrule, Ganon and Zelda. Next, I'd have to say the scene where the pirates rescue Aryll in the Forsaken Fortress. Malladus was insanely tough the first time, but now I can beat him easily. Don't know why. Music-wise, what game do you think had the best soundtrack? (ST or WW) I really can't decide. Have you ever tried classic-er zelda? (such as OoT?)
    Hi everyone! Just got a new Profile Picture! It's my Yahoo Avatar. By the way, the backround of My Profile I made myself on Photoshop. It's a little sloppy, but I'm proud of it.
    how many times have I played Wind Waker? I have no Idea. Oddly enough, I'm just starting the 3 heart challenge now. By sequel do you mean Phantom Hourglass? I've got that and Spirit Tracks down.
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