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  • Sorry I couldn't answer you yesterday! Okay, here's the gist:
    1. I've played almost all. All the games I don't have are listed in my siggy. 2. I believe OoT is my first and, it's also my favorite. I also like WW and MM.
    finally! I've changed my physically painful background. Now it's that beautiful 25 years old Zelda picture that was posted a while back!
    Oh, and, as you may have guessed, WW is was my first. And I'd love to be friends, but Im actually leaving ZD for a while. (not too long, I hope...just a few weeks if I'm lucky...) But sure:D
    Haha, well, my fav is windwaker, ive played WW, PH, ST, OoT, MM, FSA, OoA, annnnd...LoZ. I've beaten(only xD) WW, PH, and OoT. It feels like there should be more...>.<
    Srry man, it kept freezing up my computer! And about making that zelda game, I had made my own on a program called scratch if you want to check it out. It originally had some sweet music, but it had too much GB, so I had to get rid of it. Here's the link:
    Oh, and I don't own Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, nor do I OWN a 3DS.
    Unfortunatly, I had to delete Roblox Hyrule due to too much memory taken up. I kinda feel bad for using someone elses Hyrule castle, so I'm making my own. It'll probably take a while, but it'll be well worth it!
    Wii. I can't do Gamecube or Wii emulators on my crappy computer. I think Midna's just as annoying as Navi, especially when every time she sees a ledge you can jump onto and your Wiimote (Wii remote) giggles.
    Oh, did you try out my little Hyrule?
    It's not completed yet. I'm currently working on the Gerudo Desert, complete with the Gerudo Fortress and even quicksand! Oh, and that reminds me. Here is the random fact of the day: Did you know that there is no such thing as quicksand? The average person is too buoyant to drown in quicksand as it is seen in the movies.
    (sorry, I'm a big nerd, and there's a whole portion of my brain full of facts that have no meaning in life).
    I haven't tried it yet. Recently, I've been addicted to an online game called Roblox. It's so cool! You can make your own virtual world on it. I'm currently working on a Zelda virtual world. If you want to look up my player on Roblox, it's Redexandra1137.
    Another way to make Link bump his head is doing Roll-attack on the steps up to the lighthouse on Windfall Island. You know, the one inside the cannon/battleship game?
    And another thing; I'm not sure I could count the Shark Island thing a boss battle. When you reminded me of it I found out I was already aquainted with that island (I would almost always defeat Cyclos on that island). I actually didn't like that island because I would always die in the "boss" battle. I'm not saying it's a horrible island, It's not one of my favorites.
    So, what's your favorite BOSS in The Wind Waker? Mine is Molgera, since the music was awsome and the falling sand gave it an extra challenge.
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