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  • That's VERY true. Oh and I forgot to add, Gamecube games are considered "collection items" so you getting the game on amazon for 37.99 is a pretty good deal c:

    anyways, woot! You excited? xD
    Well, I have been hovering around your profile as many others for quite a bit now. :P

    About watching my back, I definitely do warrant some criticism and unwanted attention, however, you can't always have what you want in this world. Lately, several ZD members and I have gotten caught up in a struggle over at Zelda Universe although that's hopefully over.

    I dunno about online play for Fire Emblem: Awakening online play, however, the following are confirmed Nintendo Network functionas:

    - allows for local wi-fi dual tags
    - allows nearby allies to join you in a skirmish
    - friends act as extra support
    - also supports StreetPass for My Unit exchanging and side-story maps
    - features a bond system, which affects battles
    - develop ties when fighting together on the battlefield

    I suppose I'll accept your 3DS friend request. My friend code is 1203-9245-9428. Later. :yes:
    Well I dont know about the mask girl, but they say you can get marth and other old Fire Emblem characters through DLC
    :suspicious: Dem guest stalkers be creepin'. :lol:

    In all seriousness though, I'm not really what you would consider a senior member. There are people who have been around since 2007 whereas I've only been here for 8 months thus far. Personally, I never understood how my profile took off so quickly but here I am now.

    It's cool that you like Fire Emblem, dude. Do you have a 3DS? If so, are you planning on purchasing Awakening?

    Also, yeah, I'm stalkin' other peoples' profiles and Marth will be in FE: Awakening. He was confirmed as free DLC (why not include him on the cartridge to begin with, lol :P).
    I got mine at my local gamestop for 24.99. I just looked it up online and put it on hold and then went by the next day and picked it up. Of course, if you are looking on amazon then the prices may be a little steep. Its okay, an unopened PoR game is about 100 bucks. So used is GOOD. For amazon, I'd say that's pretty good. And if its used AND in good shape, then its a decent deal IMO.
    haha its alright. I sometimes forget to reply so you're totally fine.
    Friendly vibe? Alright, that's cool. xD

    If you like RD you will LOVE PoR. Ike is such a boss. He could solo the entire game if you wanted him too xD I hope you enjoy it. Its my favorite FE game (closely followed by Sacred Stones. I love Joshua) c:

    Thanks. I keep trying to edit my profile. But I really like that background so its staying. Its PoR, of course xD
    Oh wow! I never replied! I'm sorry! xD

    Anyways, its alright that you talk a lot. I tend to do that online.... and with my close friends.

    You can always get the GBA card of Sacred Stones and play it on a gameboy/DS. Its a good game, I love it. You should play Path of Radiance if you liked RD. c:

    Shadow Dragon is on my list of FE games to get as well.
    Happy Easter to you too, Gemquarry/Boo. Which do you like better?

    Haha... I didn't do much for Easter.... I am the youngest in my family, but we don't do easter egg hunts anymore xD

    TYPE AWAY GEMGUARRY! xD I draw too.... its just my drawings are really large and are in my sketchbook. I post them on my deviant art c:

    I haven't play that many FE games... :c

    Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken aka the self titled FE, first to play released in America)
    Sacred Stones (I have that on my 3DS c: yaaayy)
    Path of Radiance (by FAR my favorite out of the ones I have played)

    Planning to play:
    Radiant Dawn
    Awakening (if it comes to US.)
    Alright! You're added c:

    I'm "Silver" btw, its my main nickname besides Go Skyward or my real name.

    I swapnote too c:
    Woot! I have met like 3 other FE fans in a matter of weeks! I'm glad I'm not alone. c:

    We will get along get! :3

    Anyways, yes I have a 3DS. You'll find that under my "about me" under my "wii code". (labeled: 3DS though). But for your sake, I'll go find it real quick.
    Hiyas people! I'm no one new to Zelda Dungeon, but I just created an account today! its awesome to finally be able to talk with other Zelda fans :) . Its also awesome to be able to use these cool Zelda smileys! :)
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