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  • Your welcome, that what friends do:D I glad you enjoy it. You could Expect more of it because this game got everything. your welcome. ok, I talk to ya when I talk to ya.
    It does, that was my first thoughts on him too. Oh well, I'm looking forward to seeing him in action once more c:

    I hate that too, it's like 'OH C'MON! How hard is it to put an ALREADY made game into English? DX' xD
    Holy wall of text Batman!

    I've only moved once before and to a different area in the same city so I can't empathize with you there. Sorry. When was the last time you moved?

    And yes, school can be a pain. I'm not eager to start on Wednesday.

    I do have Xbox Live but I don't play Halo much anymore, although I hope Halo 4 will reinvigorate my passion for the franchise.
    PoR IS a great game, after that, get Radiant Dawn if you don't have it already (I like it just a tiny bit less than PoR... because of Micky >:c)

    Man, I want Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon sooo baddd...! I want the new Fire Emblem game more though (Fire Emblem: Kakusei. Which might be coming to America in 2013)

    Speaking of Ike here is his DLC in Kakusei:
    Gemquarry Happy Birthday:party:, sorry it took me a while to reply back, my laptop charger short circuit so I couldn't reply back. just hang in there it going to get better.Xenoblade is great, yep its awesome, thats great:D
    Well that was random but I appreciate random VMs as well. Today I went to book sales reminding me of school which starts in just under a week. Ugh.

    How are things on your end?
    thanks for joining, Well you can still join, you might learn something;) But I do recommended you buy the game
    Hey Gemquarry, Your welcome, don't beat yourself up before you know it you have internet as well. Thanks, thats good:yes:.
    Hey Boo! Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while. Got a bit busy, and I forgot to check my 3DS. What's happening dude? XD
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