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  • Happy 4th of july!
    I'm more near Austin, but we will be pretty close c:

    I had a move like that too! It took us about 4-5 days. I still don't know how I survived D;
    You still have a long way to go but I HATE chapter 9, hopefully, you don't go through the amount of ragequits I did xD

    Wow, you're living near me! xD What part of Texas? (if you mind my asking >.>)

    Woot! Kid Icarus is lots of fun! I hope you enjoy it c: and when you get all settled, I'd love to online play with you :D just send me a message somewhere xD

    Ike is AMAZING and from where you are at... he just keeps getting better. :)
    Yeah I know how you feel, They didnt have many games on the wii u, and they didnt said anything about zelda MM3d:kawaii:
    Oh why that was an unexpected little message. Speaking of Sakura Samurai, I assume you downloaded it then. It's held my interest for quite some time. Is it worth getting?
    Thanks I make sure I look into the Megaman games. Cool you moving to Texas, my Dad from Texas. And like you said you pull through it.:D
    Well I know of Megaman, I think I played one of the old Megaman games when I was a preschooler and I seen the show megaman nt warrior when I was a little kid.
    Good luck on chapter 9, Gallia. Pirates are JERKS if you want the houses. And Oscar is a GREAT unit, level him up because he is GOOD. I don't like Boyd or Rolf too much but that is just my preference. Oh and well... have fun and ...don't die ;)
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