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  • http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/sekibanfiles.shtml#02

    This is the website for just about everything that has to do with BS-X Zelda :)
    You need the "Snes9x" emulator to play it.

    There are a number of different patches you can apply to it, but you'll want the ones at the top of the page as they patch a number of different things, including translation...courtesy of Duke Serkol's team.

    There's still some glitches, particularly the music, but overal it plays fairly smooth. It's divided up into four different "weeks".
    can you send me the link to the rom of AST?Is it playable with a SNES emulator?is it patched to english?
    I figured I shouldn't post this in the Agahnim thread because DarkLink01 more or less told us to stop...

    When I said "lack of being able to play it" I meant through officially endorsed means. If it were very important, I think Nintendo would have made effort to make it more playable.

    But, like I said, there are factors on both sides, and I don't really have much of an opinion on it.
    Yeah, I just kind of stuck with ZD because it seemed to have more active threads at one time. At ZU there would be days in between posts that I was interested in or active in.
    Things are pretty good on my end. I haven't been too active at ZU in a WHILE. I should probably check in on that place sometime haha. How are things with you?
    So how do ya like ZD?

    Not as good as ZU, ZI, or LA... but it can be a nice place to go if you're sick of ZU/ZI/LA theorizing and want to take a couple steps back :P

    Although I can imagine this place becoming a really good theorizing site when there are a bunch more members and the current ZD members get a little better at theorizing.
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