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  • Yeah...I think it is something like that :D
    I don't really know why the terms change so much between the UK and the USA
    I don't know what grade seeing as I am from the UK so I go by years, At the minute I am in year 10 which is 15/16 year olds.
    Good thanks...just nearing the end of my summer hols though :(...about week until I go back to school
    It's funny. When my theorizing views changed I began to think that ATers thought about things a little too literally... but god this place thinks so literally about everything... it's like how linearists were back in '05, but like 30 times worse (because the linearists weren't so ignorant, and they were all quite good theorists. Just with ways of theorizing and views that I disagree with).

    The difference between you and DarkLink is that you're, you know, a really good theorist, and DarkLink is like... well I'd say he's like your Terminian parallel. And Zemen... well Zemen's arguments make me laugh sometimes.

    HAI GUYS, IF <insert ridiculous hypothetical situation here> HAPPENED THEN <insert situation that makes sense here> WOULD MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. THEREFORE <insert the situation that makes sense here> IS WRONG!!1!!!!!!11!one!!!!eleven!!!
    Wow... DarkLink is saying that OoT as the SW is completely impossible, and that it MUST take place on the CT... That's just so fallacious and horrible, I can't help but play devil's advocate and debate against him, even though I disagree with OoT as the SW...
    Actually, I hate to disappoint you, but my A ZD Timeline Project thread might skip over Ocarina of Time, simply because there's no debate over it being before all previous games.
    there is more than one swiftblade ghost in MC, if I'm not mistaken, so that kind of rules out him possibly being the hero of men. We have some BS on swiftblade but none on Gustaf. He's just a random king that is otherwise insignificant. I'm done arguing it though. You've made your stance, I've made my suggestions. End of story.
    I don't hate you, I just get annoyed when people repeat themselves constantly.

    Btw, the ghost thing isn't my theory, it's just one of multiple ones I have heard for why people think Gustaf is the hero of men.
    Yeah I got to see my older brother today which was nice. So overall it was a nice day today

    On this forum and ZU (I guess since it's vBulletin) spaces act like characters, but if there's more than one space in succession it shows it as only one space.

    So you can have 2 word posts on here by just adding a bunch of spaces between the words.
    Weren't you a member at Forsaken Legend once? I think I'm remembering you from somewhere (not ZU or ZI)...
    Just having a look. I haven't even made a post yet. :P
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