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  • So....any chance you're going to change your signature that's from like 6 months ago :P
    Done. Thanks for letting me know about it. Welcome back. Hopefully you stick around and do some debating. It's been pretty slow in the timeline section lately.
    I used to browse that site a lot. I got hooked on this place cuz of how detailed the walkthrus are for OoT and MM specifically. Damn, 3000+ is insane, yous a Zelda scholar dude lol.
    No not much other theorizing but here. I did look up those links you sent me from a previous thread though, very informative. Don't even pay attention to my timeline theory in my sig right now lol. It's a fuggin mess. My buddy and I are still finishing the whole series again so hopefully I'll have some more solidarity in the future lol.
    I'm glad things haven't been so hostile lately. We've actually agreed on one or two things lately. Who woulda guessed, eh?
    It took a while for Pinecove to figure out who I was. That was before I put my "real" name under it.
    He still refuses to acknowledge the point that the Seal War story doesn't say a wish was made in the GBA verison. His most recent post still states a granted wish during the Seal War as a fact. Which it is not. Ah well. Can't make everyone happy.
    lol this oughta be fun...
    also I see Zemen loves you almost as much as he loves me too
    Do us all a huge favor and please, for the love of God, get over yourself.
    Oh and I like how you can make fun of me in a sig but once I make a 2 second joke, just to make you mad (for you making me mad first), you go and cry to mods. Way to be a good sport.
    Uh, you've openly made fun of my posts in a thread and openly make fun of me by putting me in your signature. I like how you think that I wasn't provoked. Also, It's sweet that you learned a lesson from someone being a total *** to you. Sorry if I don't share your enthusiasm for taking flaming from people I once respected. I will gladly take whatever banning you think the mods will give me. Apparently I have flamed you for no reason and deserve it. Are you that blind? What names have I called you? I called you a hypocrite. I seem to recall you calling me that. I have told you I lost respect for you..that's not flaming. I have told you that you have become a jerk. That was more of a fact than name calling. I can see where you're coming from...not...

    Stop acting like your the helpless victim. You know exactly why I am mad and exactly what you did to upset me. Get off your high horse.
    You basically just took everything I said about you, and said that I was all of those things. Nice argument. Way to basically copy and paste what I said. Nothing I have ever said to you is condescending. Maybe you should re-read your posts. You're the one who acts like you're above everyone else. Sorry for trying to talk to you and have a mature discussion about it. I'm just gonna ignore you now. If being a great theorist means being like you, then I'm glad to not be a great theorist. Bye.
    Whatever, it's not like you're gonna care anyway so I just deleted what I wrote. Have a great time being you.
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