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  • Well OK then I will tell you I am making a history of Zelda that means all the game's and I will do it on my new PC that I am making it will be the best you can get. I also got a HD Webcam a HD Camcorder and last a HD Dazzle Capture Card. but could you help me out all I have is the HD Dazzle Capture Card but no cords with it and I want to record off my Wii what do I need........?
    Well anyway if you need my help then just ask and just so you know I will watch all your videos also you did a good job with your LOZ lets play............THANKS>>>>>
    Ok the game is for the DS but you could get a rom the game is also a rare Zelda game and its so fun I have 100% it but I want you to do this game because not that many people know about it the game is............................Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland out of all the Zelda this game is first in the timeline becuase it takes place before Hyrule
    Anyway I think you will like it and if you need help I can help you.
    Umm I was wondering if you would do a game for me please it would make me happy if you want.......?
    Wow thats so cool I am trying to get a PC then I wanted to do things on youtube so what lets plays are you doing.
    Oh wow haha i just typed that into the search engine on my computer and found it.. had no idea that was there. I might try experimenting with that
    Oh yeah? That'd be pretty cool. I've recorded a couple test videos but it's not really going so well haha. It seems like when I finish a video, this thing pops up that looks like it's loading something. It takes forever, like half an hour or so for a 4 minute video. But when it loads, the video I have saved in my folder for it turns into like a web document or something, and I can't access it. The only solution I've found for this is to cancel the loading before it can finish, but it just seems weird that it's doing it in the first place. So I have those videos saved, but I don't know if I'm actually gonna start a Let's Play any time soon what with time and stuff. But if I do, another thing I was wondering is if Camstudio has any kind of editing options you know of to edit videos you already have saved? I have a little bit of experience with video editing and I think it'd be easier to make these if I could do that.
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