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  • Happy 18th man. How's it feel to be a legal adult? One more year and you can dress up as the Hero of Time.
    im gonna do video walkthroughs for zelda 1, 2, and twilight princess and be a news updater. pretty awesome!
    dont worry about the music being too quiet, whats most important is that your voice is audible. oh, and guess what? i applyed for a staff position at a new zelda website called zelda world and they accepteed me! YES!
    well a capture car dis basically a usb device that you plug the composite cables into (red yellow and white ones from your console) so you can record without an emulator. heres a link to the one i have:

    http://www.diamondmm.com/VC500.php (I bought it at walmart.com though)

    oh yeah and i saw your youtube vid and subscribed!
    Awesome! I left you a comment on the video and subscribed. ;) I noticed the title of your video had the file name on the end. To get rid of it just click on your user name at the top right, then my videos, then hit like 'edit details' or something like that.

    I recomended Oracle of Seasons, but I still say just do your favorite game. It'll make it easier to add commentary and stuff.
    oh yeah also i thought id let you know, i got a capture card, so i can record from my console now, which is sick! also, have you started any lets plays yet?
    Hey, bro,
    Just wanted to find out if you started a let's play. I'd really like to see one from you!
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