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  • That's awesome! I'd actually love to be able to do Video Walkthroughs for OoT and MM... too bad I don't have a capture card. I might apply for a written walkthrough though, that'd be fun.
    Thanks! Haha yeah that's definitely one thing that really struck me was the lack of music! It actually seems kind of quiet in that first video, so I tried turning up the volume for the next couple videos I made today. Hopefully it's loud enough without overpowering my voice though, that's what I'm afraid of. But this is a pretty fun little project to do so I'm happy with it
    Woah! Dude that sounds kind of awesome... So it records right off your computer, but uses the actual console? If I ever get a Wii I'll look into that, since I dont have any consoles anyway haha. Pretty cool though, oh and thanks! I finally got through the bugs with my emulator, I guess I just had to change a save setting on the Visual Boy emulator. I should have my first video up tomorrow morning
    Ah man that sucks I missed your live stream! I haven't been on ZD in awhile so I haven't been checking my messages. Oh well, next time let me know on Youtube I'll be on there a lot more know. So I finally got a video up on my channel if you wanna check it out. Just an introduction. Once I think of what game I wanna play I'll start on it.
    Also, I heard about the capture card! But what exactly is it anyway?
    Okay. I live in a different timezone , so I don't know if I can be there...but I'll try to.
    Yup, I do! ^_^ I can PM you with my username if you want. I just don't want it out there with the general public.
    No but I have a nice web-cam now so I need to get one.................and I don't know how to use my Dazzle to............
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