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Dark Princess
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    hahah yea, sooooo whats up? other than our birthdays
    Oh my goodness gracious, I was just looking around at forums found your name, for some reason brought me to your about me stuff and guess what...

    Same. Birthday. Same. year.

    Thanks for the friend add. I had you on ignore because of what you pulled off long ago. But hey, I forgive anyone, so yeah...
    Thanks very much :). I appreciate it.
    hi nice too maet you do you like rare zeldas like ZELDA GAME AND WATCH or ZELDA WATCH what is your top zelda game mine is TP
    hope we can be friends thanks
    well, ninja gaiden is like being disemblowled while freefalling into an olympic swimming pool filled with choclotate pudding that has been cried out of the fingers of 1,000 ghost pandas
    I could do it to any game ever, In fact I would challange someone that I could for money. the only game I wouldnt do is *shudder* portal
    i could beat any game from begining to end without turning of the system it runs on (except for pausing) if I had enough time - If I woke up at 7:00 AM I could play to 3:00 AM before I start to get slightly tired. I did that exact thing with Wind Waker, I got up at 8:00 AM and played till 11:00 PM without eating, pausing, or taking a leak
    i have it and, i paused it just now to wipe the blood from under my eyes, and the PS3 is just beautiful... I played god of war for five hours straight, also i named my playstation 'Deandra'
    yeah, it would be, but my grandma got into a argument with my faimly because my other grandparents booked my ENTIRE summer before they told anyone with crazy things that I really arent that concerned. after that I also learned that I cant go to best buy to buy my PS3 with my money because if I buy it with my money it's really mine, but I cant go because best buy is closed
    yeah, i got awesomesauce cake! (that happens to not be a lye!) it was that 'banana dream' cake at that place - twojays. I got 2 shirts, some nintendo mints and spicey chocolate, line rider 2 the game for wii, metal slug collector's edition (includes 1,2,X,3,4,5, and now 6) and I got a lot of money that I have combined over the years to purchase tonight a... DUN DUN DUN.... play station 3.... AWEYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have like 40 bucks left to spend on games like (god of war 1-3, assasin's creed, rachet and clank future/a crack in time, and dante's inferno)
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