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Dark Princess
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  • *shuffle shuffle* Tee hee hee... *shuffle shuffle*

    Happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a really good 17! Enjoy yourself and eat cake...if there is any truthfull cake that is...I must find you some. x3
    Yes its great :), also there are several rumors going around about a second season coming soon, if they are true I can't wait.
    Hey, your signature and Avatar, Its Yui from angel beats, Am I correct?
    I love that anime :zelda:
    Happy Christmas! :3 Hope you get lots of pressies and have a great day with family and Christmas is good for you for this year and many to come :)
    Meego :3
    Well, I think maybe 5 or 4 years ago or something like that...
    I had a PS1, but I was too small and wasn't really into videogames.
    I started to play Pokemon, then a friend of mine introduced Zelda to me and that's when I consider my game life begun :D
    I didn't use to see old consoles like that when I was little, just the PS1, so I get rather impressed when I see one of them, since they are kind of rare to see.
    Yeah, there are so many good games exclusives in Japan!
    But I think has changed over the years. For example, in 6 Final Fantasy games for NES and SNES, just 3 were realesed in the ocident! And it already was a famous franchise (I think =/)
    Today the process of translating and everything is so fast compared to these days!
    Ha, I'm saying like I'm old enough to have lived that :P
    So, When did you start to play videogames?
    0_0 I am so sorry, but at least you are one of the oldest in your class :D
    dreading my first day of junior year tomorrow :(. school already for you??
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