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Dark Princess
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  • *Tells them* Hah hah hah! I win! The Universe is mine! *Giant Universal tear appears* Uh-oh.
    Oh wow, your signature's so vibrant! I love it <3
    Sorry, I just had to say something about it when I spotted it, it's so awesome xDDD
    Oh yeah...well. I will be soon. *uses time machine* Now, to tell everyone in ancient times that I am their master!
    That'll mean, all future people will belive that too...or maybe not.
    *Gasp* It's my life-long dream to enslave humanity, DP :lol:
    NOW BOW BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTER! Muh hah hah hah hah!
    Okay! *begins to play Carmelldansen but stops halfway* Hmm...this Ocarina seems to be worth quite a bit of money...I could sell it, and use the money to build a Time Machine!
    Oh wait. That's pretty pointless.
    *Travels back in time anyway*
    Only three days!? I thought I had more time...Oh no!
    What am I going to do? How am I going to acheive all of my dreams in THREE DAYS!!?
    No problem :D i like it too XD . it reminds me of my favorite game Brutal Legend XD
    I don't like it either. I just wish that all of this would go away. Your advice and everybody else's really helped. Thank you again!!!
    Hey, DP!
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon! :)
    Have a good time!
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