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  • Oh-Hoy butterbiscuit!!
    I was just wondering what you did to make the text "Suction'd Cups" glow.

    By the way, I too like Oktillery!! ;)
    It is. The Bulblin Archers with their fire arrows become absurdly deadly, and the floors filled with ice enemies also become murder. I had to do it so many times. @_@
    Oh, the Blood-Stained Sanctuary? Yeah, that tends to be the hardest part, even for people who are veterans of Cave Story.
    Thanks for the comment. :)
    No problem :)

    The good news is Hachi's pm box has been emptied, so you can now send it directly to her.

    Merry Christmas!

    This is just a reminder to get your secret Santa in if you have not already done so.

    Hachi's pm box is full, so there are two options: either email Hachi at [email protected] send a pm to me containing the secret Santa item. It is much preferable that you email her; only pm me if email is not an option for you at all. Either way, please turn it in before the 24th.

    Thank you :)
    Heh, that was Mike doing that, right? He's pretty impressive at the game, for sure. Yeah, taking a break from that sounds like a good idea.

    Oh, Phantom Hourglass, eh? I did that one too. Wasn't too hard until the Ice Temple and then the final Bellum battle. I've completed TWW, TP, TMC and PH on 3-Heart Runs. Although recently I upgraded to minimalist so I should redo them. :sweat:

    Coolio. If you've got the Zora Armor, you should go through the whole game wearing it. Makes the fire and ice parts really hard. :3
    Ah, yeah. I was doing a minimalist run (no items unless they're 100% necessary, not even hearts or bottles) on that game and I got stuck on Twinmold. But the Bottom of the Well was really, REALLY hard. I know your pain. D:
    Oh, hey man. What's up? :) I actually purged my friends list a while back of anyone I don't talk to, but I don't really want to go do it again. XP

    Welcome back!
    Oh, cool. I've never been sledding :xd:
    Sorry for replying so late! So what's your favourite Zelda Game?
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