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  • Yeah, "lol" is rather overused. I use it a lot too because I'm used to using it. I think the only emoticon people really use effectively at ZD is :right:.
    Yes, indeed, that was a good pun. You kind of remind me of Athenian because you make puns. Trust me, she is the master of puns. :)
    Uhmmm... VM Zenox. I haven't been able to connect because my computer is having java errors. Ask him if you want the server up. We recreated the server and everything.
    Ya, ya, I know. Sorry. >.< I'm working on it.

    Ah, yeah. I don't really have much (or any) money at this time, so not really an option for me. :xd: Aside from that the library is crap and not worth buying until something, you know, actually comes out. xP I'm sure it'll have a great library at some point, just like the original DS did, but right now it's... bull****.
    Uh, sorry for, well, not responding earlier... o_0

    No, I don't have a 3DS yet. Probably won't for a little while, to be honest. We'll see, though.
    Thanks for making me the AWESOME gift, butterbuiscuit. I was cracking up for hours on end. Thanks for the great gift.
    As for the server, it will go up sometimes, but it's not likely to be up 80% of the time. With the Minecraft 1.4 update just now coming out, there's no chance of it running for a while yet due to the fact that most plugins do not work anymore until they are updated. It may be up at some random times, though.

    As for how I am, I've been doing great! How about you?
    If you're still interested, we got the Minecraft server back up about a week ago. We've got some cool new mods and even began a new world. You should check it out.
    No worries, not everyone can be fully active all the year round, you'll just have to wait until next round. :P
    Oh right, I am trying to remove inactives, but I dislike to do so when you might play. However, if you're willing to step down, I'd be grateful. :)
    I have noticed that you have yet to post in Mafia 5, and if you are not able to play the game on a consistant basis, I would like for you to tell me that you are unable to do so. If not, just become more active. :P
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