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  • In the Narnia book The Horse and his Boy there are the Calormens. They have a leader, and each time they say his name they say that afterwards (perhaps not exactly like that, but something similar). :)
    i took the screenshots, yes. i turned off all the lights in my room, took my DSi and positioned it in front of my 3DS (so the outer camera's facing the screen) and took teh shots. ^^
    Oh, late response, sorry. o_0 Yeah, seems like they've announced some good games for it. Here's hoping that keeps up. The original DS had pretty decent 3rd party support so I hope the 3DS does as well.
    Yeah, everyone should focus on high school. It could very well determine what course you decide to take in life.
    I'm going to be really focused on school next year. I have a philosophy that high school is when it really matters, so I'm prolly not going to be on ZD often.
    Charades? Lucky. I'm not in high school yet, but I'm going to be next year. Looking forward to it, actually.
    No, but she sure does talk a lot. She's liked me a lot since the beginning of the year because I always do lots of work and help out my science partner. Sometimes she's too nice to me. XD
    Ha. My science teacher has a few meanings for "lol". Lack of listening, lack of love, laugh out loud, lack of lunch, etc.
    Yeah. Lots of members here seem to type in a manner that makes them seem emotionless. Emotes usually shed some light on how a person really is. I guess without them, everyone basically seems like robots.
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