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  • This is a smiling puppy

    thanks and i dont mind if u call me blue sounds cool
    Hey Beeker, just here to inform you that the SSBB tournament has started today. You will have until the 2nd to complete all matches against your opponent. You will discover your opponent on the tournament bracket, located here: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showth...-Thread./page2

    The neutral stage that you will be battling on for the first battle will be Final Destination.
    Im doing good i suppose im stuck on Twilight Princess i need 500 rupees fast xD
    LOL! :D Thank you! Do you have a DA account?

    And I'm doing well, how about you? :D
    Thank you very much for the welcome! And yes I do! :D
    Glad you are enjoying it! I was worried there wouldn't be enough interest but there's been plenty of updates and discussion. Btw I posted a message at the group to vote for next month's game. Hope it's one I own! :xd:
    same here. i will get SS for sure ive already preordered it, as for OoT ill have to wait for a steady income or get it for Xmas i have feeling the 3DS is going to cost an arm and a leg so its going to be a while after it comes out before i can even think about buying it. how is your day going?
    I was happy it came in that issue. That was years ago though. I want the MM soundtrack but the only way I see to get it is on ebay, cuz like you said, its in Japan -_-
    It's true! The orchestration was fantastic. I have this cd that I got through Nintendo Power and it has orchestrated songs from Super Smash Bros. Melee, I find myself listening to that often, its awesome
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