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  • I got Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U and Scribblebauts Unlimited on launch day :) All of then have been pretty good so far.
    I downloaded the new new update also, it seems to be better and it hasn't frozen since I downloaded it so that's a plus :)
    What games did you get with it?
    Thanks for accepting :)
    I think the system is great, only problems that I've had with it were a few freezes but aside from all that its been great. How is yours?
    Also I created a group for Wii U owners here: Wii U Owners - Dungeon Gaming Network
    I like the Wii, but yeah its library could use some work. The Super Nintendo is great. My favorite Nintendo console is the DS.
    When it comes to raising hands . . . my teacher is so annoying.
    He does this INCREDIBLY annoying thing called "QB Points" (i totally forget what QB stands for)
    Anyways, every single time u raise your hand, you get a check or something, which is eventually added into your grade.

    I haven't raise my hand no one time in the whole class . . . But these stupid points discourage me! It's like a competition
    I'm in 10th grade and it really is the hardest yet. I'm taking wayyy too many smart people classes I don't belong in . . . xD
    HI !!
    Long time no talk, it's going good thanks! So busy from school and what not, missing time on the forums lol
    How about you? What's new?? (I'm a poet)
    Capcom are *******s for dlc re-releases, i hate dlc anyway and all SF is tome is Juri, SF4 and SF x TK are the only SF games i've played since 2 turbo on the Snes. I havent seen weirdoneo use her but i'll check it out. i wish i was good at fighting games, im not very good at games in general i just enjoy the stories and characters.
    I want it, i'm gonna have to download it form somewhere some how, since im not japanese and dont benefit from freebies to that country, i know there is a 25th anniversary boxset coming with the the dlc included versions of SF4, SF xTK, the 4 movies booklets and perhaps the earlier games too... damn near $200 though :-/ dont wana pay that for 40 minutes even though i love Juri so much
    Ah thanks hun, i can't get enough of her recently, she is so beautiful and crazy. :D
    Ah, I see. I honestly hated CoM on the GBA. Part of the experience was ruined because I played through the entire thing straight with almost no breaks during a two day period so I could get it over with and get at Kingdom Hearts II, but I don't think that's the only reason. On the other hand, I enjoyed Re:Chain of Memories. I've yet to play 365/2, but it looks fun.

    I own or have easy access to... NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GBC, GCN, PS2, Xbox, GBA, Wii, PS3, DS, 3DS, and of course a PC. You?
    Haha, I've had series I fell in love with from afar kinda like what you're describing. Castlevania was like that for me, and even now I only have a handful of games. Chain of Memories is, in my opinion, the worst of the Kingdom Hearts games I've played, so if you ask me, if you love the series from playing that, you'll become an even huger fan upon playing the other games. :lol: But I dunno.

    Yeah the storyline ties directly into Kingdom Hearts III. It's going to be epic.
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